Truckers from Espírito Santo announce strike from this 4th

The Union of Autonomous Road Transporters of Goods of Espírito Santo (Sindicam / ES) announced, this Tuesday (10/5), that autonomous truck drivers in the state will go on strike from 0:01 am this Wednesday (11/5) . It is the first movement of its kind among truck drivers in the country after Petrobras announced a new adjustment of 8.86% in the price of diesel at refineries.

The average value of the fuel will go from R$ 4.51 to R$ 4.91, according to the company announced on Monday (5/9). The price at the pumps is not yet known.

“Sindicam/ES, ACA and Coopercolog, together with the representatives of the dumpsters, support this movement. We understand that the situation of the self-employed has become unsustainable after so many readjustments, whether in the price of diesel or the inputs that make up the truck driver’s day to day “, says the statement from Sindicam/ES.

The union claims that it claims a 26% decrease in the price of diesel, trigger on fuel and different values ​​between types of loads.


Other representatives of the class, such as the leader of truck drivers during the 2018 strike, Wallace Landim, known as Chorão, and the president of the Autonomous Truck Drivers Union of Ijuí-RS, Carlos Alberto Litti Dahmer, also criticized the readjustment.

“I will talk to other segments, because we need to pressure Petrobras to change the PPI [Política de Paridade Internacional]”, highlighted Chorão.

President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) again harshly criticized Petrobras last Thursday (5/5). During a live broadcast on social media, the federal chief executive said that it is a “crime” and a “rape” for the company to make an “abusive” profit in times of crisis. “I make an appeal: Petrobras, don’t break Brazil”, pleads Bolsonaro, screaming.

The company recorded a profit of R$ 44.561 billion in the first quarter of this year — a result 3,718.4% higher than that recorded in the same period last year, when the state-owned company had revenues of R$ 1.167 billion.

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