Uber launches feature for users to request rides for third parties

On Monday, Uber announced a new feature in the app that will allow a user to place a ride order for someone else. Initially, the novelty will be a pilot and it even has a name: “guest trip”. When accessing the button, it will be possible to enter the name and telephone number of the guest, with all the data being informed to the driver, that is, the focus is on the safety of both parties.

initial tests

For now, the “Viagem para Convidados” will only be available in seven cities: Fortaleza, Natal, Recife, Santos (SP), São José dos Campos (SP), São Luís and Sorocaba (SP).


The guest will also receive on their smartphone or cell phone all the information necessary to embark on the trip (driver’s name, color, model, make and license plate of the vehicle).

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Trips requested in this way can either be paid for in cash by the guest or by card by the account holder making the request.

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Now it’s official: Uber launches a feature for users to request trips to friends and family, even if they are not registered in the application; there are several security news. Image: Nrqemi/Shutterstock

“We know that people today already ask for trips to friends and family for the most diverse reasons: it could be that the person is out of battery or cell phone at that moment, that they do not have the application installed or that they are not familiar with this technology, among many others. reasons”, explains Araceli Almeida, Uber’s Safety Operations Manager.

“So we want the user to inform this within the app, both so that their guest can receive on another device the information they need to board, if that is the case, and so that the driver can have peace of mind that the trip will be carried out by who he is saw on the offer card when accepting the request”, says Almeida

For partner drivers, in addition to being able to see the name of who will actually make the trip on the offer card, after accepting the trip and opening the screen with user details, the feature will show that it is a trip requested for a guest, making the origin of the request even more transparent.

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