understand the disorder presented by Jada Smith

After the episode involving actor Will Smith and Jada Smith, much has been said about the disorder that causes hair loss, presented by Jada. Female alopecia is not related to chemicals or anemia, but to the individual’s mental health.

From the point of view of psychoanalysis, some psychosomatic illnesses may not be related to organic factors; in this case, they are not related to a disease or lack of vitamin in the body.

In this way, some diseases such as depression, anxiety and high levels of stress can be caused by baldness, and need professional monitoring.

Psychosomatic illnesses can cause female pattern baldness. Social demands such as work, self-esteem work, interacting with diverse groups and other personal issues can cause great waves of stress due to the accumulation of problems. This load of responsibilities directly affects the individual’s body, stimulating stress, and, due to the influence of the external environment, some changes are caused in people’s bodies and minds.

Androgenetic alopecia causes hair loss on top of the head (Photo: Reproduction/Beauty on the Web)

There are several types of alopecia that affect women. Androgenetic alopecia is similar to male pattern baldness, affecting the top parts of the head, as well as the “Appetizer”. With a new position of women in the job market, some factors, such as this type of baldness, have become common among both sexes.

Some examples that cause this change are the absence of fathers, where the mother ends up assuming the roles of paternity, and the job market, where comparisons with male professionals affect self-esteem. It is possible to notice that there is a very high demand, being it from home, work and the search for production in an unhealthy way.

If the individual has been experiencing hair loss, it is important to pay attention to the body’s alerts, in addition to seeking the help of a psychoanalysis professional to understand the demands of their body and mind.

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