US to increase arms deliveries to Ukraine after reactivation of mechanism used in WWII | Ukraine and Russia

American military aid to Ukraine – of almost US$ 3.8 billion (around R$ 19 billion) since the beginning of the conflict – should be facilitated by the signing, on Monday (9), by Biden, of the “Ukraine Democracy Defense Lend Lease Act”.

The “loan and lease” law (in Portuguese) takes up a mechanism adopted in 1941 by then US President Franklin Roosevelt, which expanded the powers of the head of state to support war efforts in Europe.

US President Joe Biden signs the ‘Ukraine Democracy Defense Lend-Lease Act’ at the White House on May 9, 2022 — Photo: REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

“I am convinced that Putin believed he could end NATO, believed he could destroy the European Union,” Biden said on the sidelines of a political fundraising operation on Monday.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called the adoption of the law a “historic step”. “I am convinced that we will, again, win together. We will defend democracy in Ukraine and in Europe as 77 years ago,” he wrote on Twitter.

The signing date, May 9, coincides with the grand military parade on Red Square in Moscow, which celebrated the 77th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany.

Russian armaments industry down

Russia shows what the operation is like inside its tanks in Ukraine

Russia shows what the operation is like inside its tanks in Ukraine

Washington also monitors the Russian arms industry, which, according to the Pentagon, is beginning to suffer from international sanctions and is struggling to replace the guided missiles used in Ukraine due to the embargo on electronic parts that hits Russia.

John Kirby, a spokesman for the Pentagon, also assured that Ukrainians had been sent “against their will” to Russia, but did not provide an exact number. Kiev says 1.2 million people have been deported and placed in camps.

The UN Human Rights Council will organize on Thursday (12), at the request of the Ukrainian government, supported by dozens of countries, an extraordinary session on “the deterioration of the human rights situation in Ukraine”.

A man sits on a bench near a destroyed building in Mariupol, eastern Ukraine, on May 9, 2022 — Photo: REUTERS/Alexander Ermochenko

On the same day, the UN Security Council is due to meet for the 16th time since the beginning of the Russian invasion, at the request of France and Mexico. The session will address the weekend’s bombing of a school in eastern Ukraine, in which 60 civilians were killed, according to Kiev.

The Russian army “continues to prepare offensive operations in the regions of Lyman and Severodonetsk”, in the Donbass of eastern Ukraine, according to the Ukrainian General Staff, adding that artillery fire and aerial bombardment remained at the Azovstal plant in Mariupol.

In the port city in southeastern Ukraine, almost entirely under Russian control, the Ukrainian military, still holding out at the huge steel plant, ruled out a surrender.

Separatist group releases video of bombing of Azovstal power plant

Separatist group releases video of bombing of Azovstal power plant

“Very intense battles are taking place in the vicinity of Roubzhiné and Bilogorivka”, in the Luhansk region, said Governor Sergui Gaidai.

According to the Ukrainian army, missiles hit the region of Odessa, a coastal city in the south of the country, where seven explosions killed one person and injured five.

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