Volkswagen prepares Polo with up engine! for September and suspends T-Cross Sense – 05/10/2022

To take a Volkswagen Polo with a turbo engine you need to pay no less than R$ 108,290. This is the value of the “cheaper” version with TSI engine, which in this case is the Polo Comfortline 200 TSI. At the launch of the new generation of the hatch, in September 2017, as a 2018 line, it cost R$ 65,190 without the options.

Of course, the version nowadays is much more equipped, since everything that was optional became standard and new connectivity and security technologies were added. To once again offer a Polo turbo below R$99,000, Volkswagen will launch the new Polo 170 TSI. This is the first update of the hatch, which may look like the European version in the front look, but with the mechanics of the late up!, that is, with an engine. 1.0 turbo flex with 105 hp of power and 17 kgfm of torque. Or maybe a little more.

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In addition to being a more affordable version, the Polo 170 TSI will have a 5-speed manual gearbox as an option for automatic transmission, the same set of the subcompact that was retired last year. Anyone who used to enjoy that sporty feel of transmission with short couplings will now be able to relive it with the Polo.

The new entry-level TSI version will also not have the same equipment and technology package as the Comfortline and Highline versions. Don’t wait for Park Assit or digital panel: if the idea is to lower the price, the new Polo 170 TSI cannot be generous in the delivery package. Also understand the moment of failure of semiconductors.

polo track

Nor will it be up to the new Polo 170 TSI to take the place of the Gol, which will be retired after a long and successful life (42 years on the market) at the end of this year.

For this gateway, Volkswagen prepares the arrival of the Polo Track in 2023, which will be a crossover (hatch/SUV) that will have a 1.0-liter aspirated engine, manual gearbox, adventurous look and high suspension. With this, the automaker also hopes to please the customers of the already retired Fox.

T-Cross Sense gone?

The account does not close. Volkswagen will take a tightening of the authorized network next week to keep the manufacture of the model more affordable for the compact SUV. The cheapest.

The T-Cross Sense in stores is sold with the gold package: multimedia, parking sensor with reversing camera, 16-inch alloy wheels and leather seats. Accessories that come together cost an average of R$13,000.

It arrives from the factory even without the inside lid of the suitcase and its cover. The price of a naked car is R$ 110,690, but it started at R$ 92,900 and it still doesn’t hold up.

This car was intended to serve the PCD public, but it was blocked and passed to retail. The T-Cross Sense is the 200 TSi automatic with a 1.0 engine with 128 hp.

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