WB Games shows video with RPG gameplay

WB Games Montreal has released 13 minutes of gameplay for Gotham Knights, the open-world RPG inspired by the works of DC. In the content shared by the company, the highlight — as promised — was for Nightwing and Red Hood.

To explain how the gameplay will work, Geoff Ellender, game director, narrates the main aspects of the title while scenes of combat and exploration are shown. Check out:

In Gotham Knights, Nightwing uses a glider to keep an eye on the city from above. To enter the brawl, the hero takes advantage of his hook to approach opponents and apply his acrobatic blows.

Gotham Knights - Glider Nightwing
(Source: Xbox/WB Games Montreal)

With the Red Hood, the movement is a little different thanks to his Mystic Leap. More focused on ranged combat with his pistols, the vigilante takes advantage of his abilities to deal damage and finish off his targets.

Red Hood Gotham knights gameplay
(Source: Xbox/WB Games Montreal)

Gotham Knights will have a mechanic that will reward players when they manage to dodge enemy blows. Thus, your unique skills will activate faster, because the bar fill is accelerated when performing certain actions in battle.

Gotham City will present different situations as it is explored. In one of the moments shown on the WB Games broadcast, Red Hood uses a motorcycle to chase a van full of evil henchmen.

Red Hood motorcycle in Gotham Knights
(Source: Xbox/WB Games Montreal)

Another feature available to players will be fast travel. During discoveries in Gotham’s districts, it will be released to certain points of interest.

Gotham Knights: Heroes will have a base to hone skills

Gotham Knights RPG elements were also featured in this Tuesday’s live (10). The heroes, who still suffer from Batman’s absence, will have a base to upgrade their gear.

Gotham Knights - base
(Source: Xbox/WB Games Montreal)

To improve these items, they need to complete quests and gather resources. Each of the weapons will have an impact on the characters’ attributes. In this way, it will be possible to devise strategies to deal with the villains that plague the citizens of Gotham.

Gotham Knights - Nightwing status
(Source: Xbox/WB Games Montreal)

So, when you return to the BatFamily, you’ll come out even stronger to fight the dangers on the streets. Did you like the gameplay?

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