White House warns of possible nationwide abortion ban

States like Louisiana are also considering classifying termination of pregnancy as homicide if the Supreme Court repeals the right to abortion at the federal level.

The government’s concern goes beyond possible restrictions on the right to terminate a pregnancy

the government of U.S examines the possibility of creating a national ban on abortion in the country, if the legal protection of the right is reversed by the Supreme Court. “We believe there is a serious risk,” White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki told a news conference. The warning comes after Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell spoke about the possibility. The assessment is that the government’s concern goes beyond possible restrictions on the right to terminate a pregnancy. In this regard, Psaki recalled that Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves did not rule out the contraceptive ban if the Supreme Court overturns the famous decision in the case “Roe v. Wade” of 1973, which for decades has protected abortion rights at the federal level.

Mississippi is one of 13 Republican states that have laws set to take effect if the Supreme Court revokes the right to legal termination of pregnancy. In Louisiana, Republican lawmakers have proposed a law that would classify abortion as “murder,” allowing authorities to prosecute women who terminate a pregnancy. According to The New York Times, Republican senators are already discussing plans to ban abortion after a certain number of weeks of gestation, between 6 and 20. The vote on a motion to maintain the right to legal abortion takes place on Wednesday, 11. However, without a Democratic majority, the measure is doomed to fail.

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