Why does John Kennedy, charged by the PM this week, continue without playing for Fluminense in 2022? | fluminense

+ Military Police seize two marijuana tablets inside a vehicle belonging to John Kennedy, from Fluminense

John Kennedy during Fluminense’s open training in Laranjeiras — Photo: Marina Garcia / Fluminense FC

To the ge, the police office informed that the attacker was “charged for a crime provided for in the Brazilian Traffic Code for allowing, entrusting or handing over the direction of a motor vehicle to a person without a license, with a revoked license or with the right to drive suspended”. Although the penalty provides for the possibility of detention from six months to one year, as it is a short term, it is liable according to the Public Prosecutor’s Office. The player is not at risk of being arrested and has already been released by the PM.

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But why is John Kennedy still not playing for the pro this season? After experiencing outstanding moments in the first team in 2021, the 19-year-old was loaned in January to the under-20 to play in the Copa São Paulo, where he was one of the team’s highlights with five goals and an assist. After the tricolor elimination in the round of 16, the striker gained a few more days of vacation, as he returned earlier to start preparing for the Copinha.

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In the last days of the vacation, John Kennedy suffered a fracture in the fifth metatarsal of the right foot while playing a soccer game with friends. On February 10, he underwent surgery and placed a cannulated screw to correct the injury. The recovery period was around two months, and the striker at the end of March returned to training with the group. At the open training session in Laranjeiras, for example, on April 8, the crowd saw the youngster participating normally in ball work.

Everything was progressing well, until John Kennedy returned to feel pain at the site, during training at CT Carlos Castilho, and had to regress in recovery. On April 15th, he posted this message on his Twitter profile, but then deleted it: “Everything going wrong!! God bless me 🙌🙌”. On the night of April 27th, another post, this time in stories from Instagram, indicated that the attacker also went through a malaise at the end of the month: “Feeling very bad, what a 🤢🤮”.

Posts by John Kennedy on social networks in April — Photo: Reproduction

Since then he has not returned to training with the rest of the cast and has been working at the gym. Internally, the speech is that the player is again in the transition phase to the field and still has no deadline to return. Without John Kennedy, Fluminense travels this Tuesday morning to Goiânia, where they face Vila Nova-GO on Wednesday, at 9:30 pm (Brasilia time), at Serra Dourada, for the return game of the third phase of the Copa do Brasil.

It is not today that John Kennedy is a topic in the corridors of Laranjeiras for behavioral reasons. In Carioca last year, for example, he was late one day before the delegation left for a match, which bothered the then tricolor coach, Roger Machado. Another case happened in April 2021, when at dawn on a game day he participated in a live by videoconference with defender Higor (who was under-23 and is no longer in the club), with a dancer and a boy smoking a “suspicious cigarette”. Fact that also took badly in the club.

Photo of John Kennedy with Sweden emoji would be a reference to the “Sweden Ball” in Itaboraí — Photo: Reproduction

In 2022, the fracture suffered during a kick was another matter that bothered internally, as the thought is that every player must preserve himself in his spare time. Club officials also reported to the ge that the striker even missed training a while ago. There is also the concern of the young person “getting lost in the night”. A photo posted by John Kennedy for example has the Sweden flag emoji, which would be a reference to the “Baile da Sweden” (also known as “Baile da Reta”) in Itaboraí, where his car was seized last Sunday.

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