With Abel well into the knockout stage, Palmeiras’ chance of qualifying in the Copa do Brasil is close to 100%, says Betfair

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Alviverde Paulista won the first leg against Juazeirense by 2 to 1 and betting provider sees very high chances of classification

Marcello Zambrana/AGIF - Palmeiras has a 96% chance of qualifying, according to Betfair
Marcello Zambrana/AGIF – Palmeiras has a 96% chance of qualifying, according to Betfair

With the 2-1 victory in the first game against Juazeirense-BA, on April 30th, in a match valid for the first leg of the third phase of the Copa do Brasil, Palmeiras has a more comfortable path than the opponent to advance to the next knockout stage of the competition. In fact, according to Betfair’s prediction, Verdão’s chances of qualifying are close to 100%.

The Alviverde Paulista returns to the field this Wednesday (11), to face once again the Bahia team in search of classification to the round of 16. The game will be in Londrina, at Estádio do Café, as Juazereinse sold the field command. With the victory by a goal difference, any draw or victory will take Abel Ferreira’s team forward. With this, the betting provider believes in the success of Palemeirense.

Despite the “thin” result, Betfair places a very high probability for Palmeiras to advance: 96% of chances for Verdão and only 4% for the Bahian club to reverse the negative result. The numbers are even higher than those of other rivals, such as Corinthians, in which the company placed a 93% chance of overtaking Portuguesa; and São Paulo, with a 79% chance of success against Juventude.

According to the sports betting provider, the team with the most “comfortable” rating is Botafogo, with a 99% probability of overcoming Ceilândia, after having won the first leg 3-0. For the game against Juazeirense, Abel Ferreira tends to put the starting lineup, but there is the expectation that some of the players with the most shooting will be preserved for the sequence of the Brasileirão.

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