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The young died before being treated.

The two doctors denied in the deposition that they were silent. Their defense said they presented the police with documents and records of calls they made to the Sesa regulation center asking for a place for hospitalization for Kevin.

Two incidents were registered for the investigation of the death of the teenager. One from the victim’s family and one from the direction of the Himaba, alleging omission and negligence on the part of the doctors.

Kevinn Belo Tomé da Silva, 16, died after waiting for 4 hours at the door of a hospital in Vila Velha – Photo: Reproduction/TV Gazeta

After the long waiting time after being transferred from Cachoeiro de Itapemirim to Vila Velha, Kevinn ended up dying, in the dawn of April 30th, without being attended. He had a kidney condition and respiratory complications.

Initially, the family believed that the reason for the delay would be the lack of a bed for the young man. But the hospital management reported that the young person’s place in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) was reserved and who will investigate why the doctors who would be responsible for admitting the teenager did not receive him.

Teenager died waiting for medical attention in hospital in ES

Teenager died waiting for medical attention in hospital in ES

The doctors were removed from work. In an official note, Himaba declared that it considers the conduct of the professionals “flagrant medical negligence”. The names of the professionals were not released.

The Secretary of Health for ES, Nésio Fernandes, said that there was “serious and unacceptable failure”, in addition to pointing out “negligence” of the doctors in the case.

“Due to a serious and unacceptable failure, the intensive care medical professionals, registered with the Board of Medicine, with a specialty to care for Kevin’s staff, refused to admit him to the emergency room in the place that was guaranteed to the teenager. government is deeply dismayed,” said Nésio

The two doctors’ lawyer, Jovacy Peter, said they were pre-trial. According to him, important aspects of last Saturday’s shift in the Himaba were not observed.

“There is not, citing the news, a formal and serious investigation so that the fact can be verified the unfolding of the whole occasion. There was no omission. Unfortunately, there was a very forceful speech by the secretary [Nésio Fernandes]claiming that there was an omission of help, claiming negligence, and that in fact did not happen, as a rule it did not happen, as a rule or not it happens for health professionals who leave their families at home to dedicate their lives to from other people,” said Jovacy.

The investigation is still ongoing at the Specialized Police Station for Homicide and Protection of the Person (DHPP) in Vila Velha.

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