8 haircuts that are on the rise

From the butterfly cut of J.Lo to the classic bob that won over the actress Barbie Ferreiralisted below with the help of hair stylist of the famous, Chris Rodrigues, the main trends of cuts for straight hair that are grooving in 2022 and that promise to highlight even more the beauty of smooth locks.

While new styles emerge, some are rescued and become successful again, as is the case with fringes. “The fringe is back with everything and is a bet that allows you to transform the look without changing the length of the hair”, he highlights.

For this season, the hairdresser points to medium-length cuts with a straight base as the main highlight: “During the pandemic, many people suffered from hair loss, either due to stress or Covid-19. With that, some women have been looking for straight base cuts to get rid of the thin ends caused by hair loss.”

below, the Vogue brings together the straight haircuts that promise to rock this season. Get inspired!

butterfly cut

Last year we saw the boom gives curtain bangs, or fringe curtain, which was a hit on social media. In the butterfly cut, this bangs style appears elongated and with some textured layers at the front of the hair. “This is a short haircut done in a long length,” described the professional.


Among the trends that are on the rise, according to the professional, the highlight is the return of traditional straight fringes. While Dakota Johnson has been wearing the style for quite some time, new celebrities such as Sydney Sweeney and Lily Collins have joined the cut recently.


A hybrid between the short pixie length and the elongated bob, the style was rescued from the 1990s and has been gaining more and more adherents this year. “It’s a modern look, perfect for fans of short haircuts and who like to innovate in their appearance”, highlights Chris.

classic bob

The bob in its classic length, close to the jaw, conquers fans for its versatility when it comes to styling the strands. “The over-the-shoulder style is an elegant option, but you have to pay attention to maintenance to maintain the original length”, says the hair stylist.

long with movement

Despite short cuts being on the rise at the moment, hair lovers don’t need to lose length to update the look, says the hair stylist. “This season’s long hair tends to be at or just below the breasts. A tip to update the elongated look is to bet on the disconnected ends at the front to ensure more movement”.

french bob

The return of the fringe and the boom of the bobs brought back a super charming cut, the french bob, in the style of the iconic character Amélie Poulain. “Like other short haircuts, maintenance is even more necessary because of the bangs. When styling the strands, the tip is to play with different finishes, whether brushed, polished or messy, which can be done with a styling product, and gives a cool look to the look,” says Chirs.

medium peaked

The spotlight of the beauty universe is on medium-length hair and, for the hair stylistthe secret to making this look even more stylish is to invest in the peaked finish: “The disconnected ends allow for more lightness and movement”

long bob

“The long bob can be defined as the classic bob that has grown up. In the current version, it appears less peaked and with more straight base layers”, completes Chris.

Source: Vogue

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