Advertisement for Novo Polo with gay couple is criticized on social media

Advertising piece yielded homophobic jokes within hours of Volkswagen’s announcement

Reproduction / Instagram @vwbrasilnew pole;  volkswagen
Gay couple stars in the new advertising piece for Novo Polo

THE Volkswagen launched an advertisement for New Pole this Tuesday, 10, which caused an uproar on social media. The advertisement shows a couple gay with the new model of the car, the flag LGBTQIA+ and some phrases like “Do you know what evolved along with you? The Pole”. The campaign is part of an inclusion project by the German company, but it was not well received by the public. On Twitter, the piece was the target of homophobic jokes. Some users said that the car only “had reverse” and that the car campaigns in the 2000s were better, alluding to an advertisement for Gol with a nude model. Some images and videos of Polo owners were also passed on with people changing the name of the car or taking it to dealerships to sell.

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