Bahia beats Azuriz on penalties and goes to the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil

It was with emotion, but Bahia is in the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil. On Tuesday night (10), the tricolor suffered against Azuriz, at the Os Pioneiros stadium, in Pato Branco, Paraná, but got the tie in the second half, and in the penalties managed to classify.

The Squadron came out behind in the first half, in a great goal scored by midfielder Wenderson. Bahia’s reaction came in the final stage, when Marcelo Ryan counted on the goalkeeper’s failure and left everything the same.

The 1×1 took the dispute to penalties. In the collections, the Squadron got the better, won by 4×3 and assured the classification.

In addition to the vacancy in the next phase, Bahia gained reinforcement in the vault. The tricolor will receive R$ 3 million in prizes. The opponent in the next playoff will be known by drawing.

Unlike what was expected by the tricolors, the match started with Azuriz making their presence felt in the attack. The goal of the team from Paraná almost came after six minutes, in a header by Robinho after a corner kick. The ball passed the crossbar.

Bahia’s bad start got even worse in the 11th minute. The tricolor defense gave free rein to midfielder Wenderson to send a bomb from the edge of the area and hit a beautiful kick, but also had the failure of Danilo Fernandes, opening the scoring for Azuriz.

The disadvantage in the score forced Bahia to turn the game around to qualify or at least draw to take the decision to penalties. Even so, the tricolor continued at a slow pace and without being able to build the plays to reach the opponent’s goal. Azuriz’s second didn’t come out a few minutes later because the attack pierced almost under the post.

In fact, the first half did not end with a higher score for the hosts because they lacked aim. In Wellisson’s point-blank shot, Danilo Fernandes saved. When the goalkeeper couldn’t get there, the crossbar prevented the free kick charged by the same Wellisson.

At the best chance of the Squadron, Matheus Davó stole the ball from defender Salazar and came face to face with the goal, but he finished badly and goalkeeper Caio made the save. Bewildered, the team went to the break with the damage in the marker.

Bahia returned for the second half with striker Marcelo Ryan replacing Vitor Jacaré. Thus, Matheus Davó was moved to the left side. Despite the change in the attack configuration, Azuriz followed with more offensive presence.

When they had the ball, the Esquadrão couldn’t build up the plays and bet on throws and crosses in the area that were easily neutralized by the Azuriz defense. In the escape at speed, Daniel arrived in a position to submit, but Caio made the save. The tricolor midfielder fell in the area and asked for a penalty, the referee ordered him to follow.

Bahia didn’t play a great game, but they were lucky. In the 24th minute, goalkeeper Caio failed in a bizarre way when he tried to get away with a punch and sent it to his own goal. Before the ball crossed the line, Marcelo Ryan still headed it and signed the tie.

The goal put Bahia back in the game. The 1×1 score took the decision to penalties, but the tricolor sought a turnaround to guarantee classification in normal time. It almost came out on Ignacio’s kick inside the area, which defender Salazar saved.

Already in Djalma’s strong free kick, Caio clapped in fright. The side took danger again in a strong kick that had an address, but the goalkeeper saved it in the 45th minute. With no change in the score, the duel went to penalties.

In the collections, Daniel started putting Bahia in advantage, and Vieira lost to Azuriz. Afterwards, Lucas Falcão and Djalma converted to the tricolor, while Léo and Edson converted to Azuriz. In the fourth charge, Marco Antônio sent the post. Defender Vinícius hit the corner and left everything the same: 3×3.

Marcelo Ryan put Bahia in advantage again and, in Azuriz’s last charge, Igor Bosel sent the crossbar and the Squad confirmed the classification.

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