BNDES has an exclusive card and a loan of up to R$20,000

With the increase in formalization in Brazil, many financial institutions began to offer exclusive products for MEI (individual micro-entrepreneur). This is the case of BNDES (National Development Bank), which has a credit card it is a loan super advantageous.

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The owner of a small business can take out microcredit of up to R$20,000, with reduced interest rates. The card, on the other hand, has limits that the micro-entrepreneur will hardly get elsewhere. See more details below.


The credit card is issued by accredited banks and comes with the partner brand. The limit reaches R$ 2 million per customer, with installments between 3 and 48 months. The interest rate is only 1.46% per month.

It is important to note that the institution can charge the TAC (Credit Opening Fee), but its value cannot exceed 2% of the released credit limit.

The product is available for MEIs, micro and small companies, as well as medium-sized companies. It is enough for the business to have gross sales of up to R$ 300 million per year.

To apply for a credit card, enter the BNDES website and click on “Request your BNDES Card”. Then just send the form filled in with your proposal and look for the issuing commercial bank to present the required documentation.

Loan for MEI from BNDES

The BNDES facilitated microcredit offers up to R$ 20 thousand for working capital or investment in your business. The interest rate is up to 4% per month, but it can be well below that, depending on the negotiation between the operating agent and the customer.

An administrative fee is allowed, provided it does not exceed 3% of the financed amount. The loan does not require any collateral, but is only available to companies with annual gross income of up to R$360,000.

All information can be obtained from the MPME Channel, where the client sends his proposal for contracting credit. Then, just go to the nearest BNDES Microcredit operating agent.

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