Caixa continues to release credits of up to R$ 1,000. Learn how to apply

The Federal Government, through the CASHIER, offers a great credit opportunity through the Digital Microcredit Simplification Program (SIM Digital). According to the rules, the offer is available to individuals and small entrepreneurs, including those who are negative, that is, with a dirty name.

In principle, according to the rules of the Digital SIM, the loan limitation is in the amount of R$ 1 thousand for individuals. The installments can reach up to 24 installments, with interest from 1.95% per month. It is worth mentioning that there is no credit risk assessment in the approval, which is precisely why even those with a dirty name in the market can ask.

On the other hand, in the case of individual microentrepreneurs (MEIs), the value that can be contracted extends to R$ 3 thousand. However, here, interest rates are a little higher, with rates starting at 1.99%. As for the installment, the loan can also be divided into 24 monthly installments.

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Microcredit contracting

In any case, the contracting of microcredit by individuals must be carried out directly in the application box hasavailable for free download on Android and iOS systems.

On the other hand, with regard to the MEI, the contract must be made at a Caixa branch and the micro-entrepreneur must have at least 12 months of billing with their CNPJ.

Program Modalities

  • individuals. The modality will have access to a credit of up to R$ 1 thousand. The interest rate being 1.95% month, and the loan can be divided into 24 months. It is worth noting that even those who are negative can have access to the program loan;
  • Legal entities. Here, the opportunities are for individual micro-entrepreneurs (MEIs). The credit released for this group can reach up to R$ 3 thousand. The amount of installments is the same established for individuals, 24 months and with slightly higher interest than those of the first group: 1.99%. Also in the case of MEIs, only entrepreneurs who have annual gross income of up to R$ 360 thousand will be able to participate in the microcredit program.

Use of cash from Caixa Tem

Finally, in an interview, the president of Caixa Econômica Federal, Pedro Guimarães, spoke on the subject. According to him, the use of the loan money should only be used for the maintenance of enterprises.

Thus, at least in theory, citizens cannot use the benefit balance to buy food, clothing or the like. Therefore, unless the components have some use for the citizen’s enterprise. The BRL 1,000 grant is a great offer for enterprises.

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It is also worth remembering that individuals who are part of Auxílio Brasil are also eligible to receive credit from Caixa Tem. However, just like any other citizen, they also need to prove that they will use the amount for their ventures.

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