Ceará fans prepare protest against Flamengo fans

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Ceará and Flamengo fans have been the protagonists of controversies on social networks in recent days

Next Sunday, the 10th, Ceará and Flamengo will face each other for the sixth round of the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A at Arena Castelão and even with a few days left for the confrontation, the two fans already provoke each other on social networks.

As the tickets for visiting fans have already sold out, Ceará Sporting Club launched a publication on its social networks informing that the Flamengo fan who is identified in sectors destined for white-and-white fans will be expelled from the stadium. The post generated controversy and further surfaced the rivalry between alvinegros and red-blacks.

In other states, the campaign against the ‘mistos’ (nickname given to fans who are born in a city and support teams in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro) is also intense and a song by Goiás fans went viral on social media in which alvinegros shared and promised to take the Arena Castelão.

Flamengo fans complain about ticket prices

On the morning of last Friday, 6th, Ceará started selling tickets for the match against Flamengo, which will take place on May 14, at 4:30 pm, at Arena Castelão.

Ticket prices scared part of the red-black crowd, which has a large Fortaleza audience. The ticket price is R$ 156.80 for the lower south sector and R$ 134.40 for the upper south sector, both have half price.

On social media, Flamengo fans protested against the value that the Ceará board put on tickets. “Now it’s sad to see the astronomical prices of visitor tickets. BRL 156.00 (with tax) to watch a football game is complicated!”, commented one on Twitter.

At first, the published values ​​also raised questions from Vovô’s fans, but on their own social networks, the most attentive ones captured the real objective of the alvinegra board: to attract its true supporters to the stadium.

With the “companion member pays 50%” promotion, fans who purchase their tickets at official points of sale with a member-supporter from Ceará, guarantee a good discount in the sectors: north and south (lower and upper), in addition to center top.

Flamengo fans complain about treatment in the sale of tickets for the game against Ceará

This Monday, 09, Flamengo fans gathered at the box office 1 of Arena Castelão to buy tickets for the confrontation between Ceará and Rubro-Negro in Rio. The huge lines and lack of shade for fans generated a series of complaints on social networks.

One of the main independent portals about the club, ‘My Red-Black World’posted photos and complained about the treatment given to northeastern Flamengo fans.

“Again the Flemish people receiving the worst possible treatment. In addition to price increases, purchase conditions are always the worst.”

Ceará has news in preparation to face Tombense

Before facing Flamengo, Ceará has the return game of the Copa do Brasil against Tombense. On the afternoon of this Monday, 09, Ceará held another training session aimed at the confrontation against Tombense for the return game of the third phase of the Copa do Brasil 2022. Matheus Peixoto and Luiz Otávio participated in activities on the field.

The athletes who played for more than 45 minutes in the match against Athletico, last Saturday, 7th, performed regenerative work at CESP. The others went to the field and, after warming up, did a job of moving and passing.

Luiz Otávio and Matheus Peixoto participated in a transition work in the auxiliary field with the physiotherapy department. Richardson also transitioned separately. Messias, Léo Rafael and Fernando Sobral remain in the medical department and did not appear on the field.

Ceará closes the preparation for the game against the Minas Gerais team with another training session tomorrow afternoon. The duel against Tombense takes place on Wednesday, 11th, at 21:30 at Arena Castelão.

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