Conrado’s girlfriend says she was removed from the SUS queue by Aleksandro: “I did it to help”

Conrado’s girlfriend says it was the countryman who paid for the surgery that would cost a fortune; Look

singer’s girlfriend Conrad, the also singer Anna Moraes published on social media a touching tribute to Alexander. The sertanejo died in the tragic accident suffered by the duo last weekend.

When paying tribute, she was moved to tell that her boyfriend’s partner took her out of the SUS line and got a pelvic surgery that she needed to do.

Diagnosed with idiopathic chondrolysis of the hip, also known as arthrosis, she was only operated on in 2021 when she received the necessary prosthesis for the procedure. Alexander – it costs, on average, R$ 100 thousand.

“I thought this would only happen when I was 50 years old. This prosthesis does not last a lifetime, so SUS doctors prefer to do (surgery) only with older patients so as not to change this prosthesis”, she said on social media.

Excited, she declared. “I’ll carry you here with me forever, you weren’t the guy who did things to show off or show off. You did it to help and didn’t want any merit.”



The singer Joao Vitor Moreira Soarespublicly known as Conrad, had an improvement in his health on Tuesday (10). The sertanejo is hospitalized in the ICU of the Regional Registry Hospital after suffering a serious bus accident with his partner. Alexanderwhich did not survive.

This afternoon, the singer’s press office released the new medical bulletin informing that Conrado has evolved and is showing improvement in kidney function.

“We inform that the patient João Vitor Moreira Soares remains hospitalized at the Hospital Regional de Registro, in the Intensive Care Unit. He presents an evolution with stability of the clinical picture and progressive improvement of the fenal function. We reaffirm the absence of the need for new surgical interventions at this moment”, says the information.

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