Cruzeiro asks the STJD that Grêmio pay a fine of R$10 to R$100 thousand; club awaits review | cruise

After receiving the news of Cruzeiro’s infraction, the Attorney of the Superior Court of Sports Justice (STJD) will analyze the images and documents delivered by Raposa to offer a complaint to Grêmio and the fans or to file the lawsuit. Raposa asked the club and fans to be punished.

In the infraction news, Cruzeiro asked that Grêmio be framed in article 243-G of the Brazilian Sports Justice Code (CBJD). The passage speaks of “ratifying a discriminatory, contemptuous or outrageous act, related to prejudice due to ethnic origin, race, sex, color, age, condition of elderly person or person with a disability”.

The framework requested by Cruzeiro is in the second paragraph of the article, which deals with the application of a fine of R$ 10 to R$ 100 thousand to the offending club, “whose fans practice the discriminatory acts typified therein, and the identified fans will be prohibited from enter the respective sports center for a minimum period of seven hundred and twenty days.”

In the argument, Cruzeiro claims that its fans were “nicknamed” by fans of other football clubs, in a pejorative way and with homophobic intent, “Maria Azul”, an allusion to the main organized supporters of Cruzeiro, the “Blue Mafia”, simply replacing the letter “F” with the letter “R”. Cruzeiro argues that the sporting success in volleyball has been ridiculed.

– Also in a pejorative way, fans of other football associations make the unfortunate reference that Volleyball, a historic Olympic sport and one of the most important, would be a sport practiced mainly by women, and that, therefore, they ended up attributing to the referred sport that the men who practice it would be mostly homosexuals. Therefore, fans of other clubs “created” the aforementioned “Maria plays volleyball”, to, in a pejorative way, attribute homosexual content to Cruzeiro fans, in addition to referring that the club does not conquer anything in football, only in volleyball – argues the mining club

Cruzeiro fans — Photo: Staff Images

Cruzeiro’s letter, on Tuesday, was sent the day after the Grêmio trigger the STJD for prejudiced cries from the celestial crowd, at Independência. The Raposa infraction news does not mention the dropping of bombs towards Cruzeiro fans.

On social media, Grêmio said that it awaits punishment for those responsible. Cruzeiro also condemned the attitudes of the fans and, like the opponent, communicated the STJD denouncing Grêmio fans, for the same attitude.

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Videos circulating on social media show part of the tricolor crowd addressing the crowd of cruise by a pejorative and homophobic nickname. The mining club sent the Notice of Infraction on account of these acts and awaits analysis by the STJD.

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Videos show Grêmio fans chanting homophobic chants in a game against Cruzeiro — Photo: Reporduto/ social networks

In addition to Cruzeiro, the core of supporters LGBTQ+ canarieswhich unites representatives of 20 LGBTQIA+ supporters, also sent a letter to the STJD denouncing violent acts in Independênciaamong them the prejudiced screams of fans of the tricolor.

According to the group’s founder, Yuri Senna, in contact with the ge, the notification was not formalized citing the screams of Cruzeiro fans, as Grêmio had already made the complaint. Cruzeiro, until then, had not sent its letter.

“Our goal is that the bodies are always fair and comply with the STJD’s own determination on lgbtphobic acts in stadiums. But, more than punishment, we want bodies and clubs to carry out preventive and educational actions, so that less and less We have to correct the mistakes.”

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It is worth noting that transphobia and homophobia are considered crimes in Brazil and are classified as a criminal offense defined in the Racism Law – Law 7,716/1989. The referee of the game, Flavio Rodrigues de Souza (Fifa), did not register the prejudiced cries on the scoresheetalthough it is recommended by the Supreme Court of Sports Justice.

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