Curitiba will have the largest Starbucks store in Brazil; know where it will be

THE biggest store in Starbucks do Brasil will be in Curitiba. With a space of more than 350 m², it will be located on the ground floor of the Park Shopping Bariguiclose to Praça Central de Eventos, and will have a modern and sophisticated structure to offer the best of Starbucks Experience. The opening of the cafe is scheduled for the second half of this year.

At the store, customers will be able to enjoy high quality Arabica coffees from Brazil and the world, in addition to artisanal drinks and unique items from the Brazilian menu, such as Starbucks Brigadeiro Frappuccino®, chicken coxinha and an exclusive Minas Gerais recipe for the traditional cheese bread. In the new store, you can also find specialty coffee blends such as Starbucks® Brasil Blend, an exclusive coffee made with 100% Brazilian beans from the regions of Minas Gerais, São Paulo and Bahia.


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“In order to serve our customers with excellence, we are hosting in Curitiba the largest store of the brand in Brazil.”, reinforces Jacqueline Vieira de Lemos, Superintendent of PkB.

Starbucks arrives to complement the incredible mix of options that ParkShoppingBarigüi offers its customers, with more than 60 restaurant and cafe operations, for all tastes and occasions.

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