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The death of a 44-year-old woman caused revolt in the family in Lavras (MG). This is because the city hall employee was the victim of a traffic accident and, according to the brothers, there was an omission of help on the part of the bus driver. In addition, the victim waited more than a month in the SUS Fácil queue, for a surgery that was not performed.

Sandro Francisco, Luciana’s cousin, was the one who took her on the back of the motorcycle on the day of the accident. He returned to the scene and only showed indignation at the woman’s death.

“What makes me most indignant about the situation is the lack of help, no one from Autotrans came here when she was down, when I was down, no one took action, no one looked for me or her family until now to find out what actually happened”, said driver Sandro Francisco.

Luciana Aparecida Silva, 44, was an outsourced employee of the city hall and was involved in an accident on the afternoon of April 5th. The causes are still being investigated.

Death of city hall employee after more than a month of waiting in line at SUS Fácil generates revolt in Lavras – Photo: Reproduction EPTV

The Autotrans bus was going down Rua Paulo Costa Pereira when it hit the motorcycle where Luciana was and was thrown. She was referred the same day to the city’s UPA. According to the family, there were 33 days of waiting for an urgent surgery.

It was a race against time to save Luciana’s life. Even after so much waiting, she managed to have the surgery in Juiz de Fora, but she couldn’t resist the complications and died. Her body was buried on Mother’s Day.

“Despite all the efforts of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, which did not measure effort, unfortunately the State was unable to comply, each one throwing responsibility on top of the other, who had to wait in line for SUS and etc, but she could not have waited”, said lawyer Marcelo Abreu.

The city government claims that the next day it put the victim’s name on SUS Fácil, looking for a hospital that could operate on her, because the surgery was complex.

In practice, SUS Fácil works as follows: patients who need a bed on an urgent and emergency basis are registered in the program. The patient’s clinical data are evaluated and from there, the most suitable bed is sought, but the process can take time.

“There were several attempts through SUS Fácil. Our concern at all times is to update SUS Fácil and seek a vacancy for the patient, this is not up to us, it is up to the State, the regulation that seeks the vacancy for the patient in need”, said the Secretary of Health of Lavras, Iara Menicucci Nogueira.

“It was really an obligation of the State how the cost was made. The delay was due to the procedural process that the State did not even make the payment spontaneously, there was a need to have a determination of blocking in the State’s accounts and then the transfer of the resource for the cost”, said the attorney general of the Municipality, Luciano Salim.

Luciana’s brother called the Public Ministry, which ordered the state to bear the costs of a private surgery. The payment of R$ 37 thousand was made last Friday, but the woman did not resist the surgery.

“She entered SUS Fácil, no hospital accepted, neither Santa Casa nor Vaz Monteiro, they did not have the ability to bring a doctor to operate on her, because in her case, if she had had her surgery before, she would be alive”, said seller Helton Luciano Raimundo Silva.

The medical report states that the victim had fractures in the pelvis and femur, and that both cases required surgery due to the great deformity and pain, and that due to the time of evolution, the fractures were already regenerating because the patient was admitted to the hospital. 30 days after fracture.

Death of city hall employee after more than a month of waiting in line at SUS Fácil generates revolt in Lavras – Photo: Reproduction EPTV

The Secretary of Health of Lavras says that after placing the patient’s name in SUS Fácil, the responsibility was no longer with the city hall.

“They claimed that they didn’t have a bed and that they didn’t have a high-complexity doctor at the moment”, said the secretary of Health of Lavras.

The prosecutor of the Public Ministry, Aécio Rebelo, responsible for the action of raising funds for the surgery, said that the responsibility is joint, that is, it is up to both the state and the municipality to pay for the vacancy. He even said that because it is a life, the municipality should pay for a private hospital.

“I hope her case serves as a lesson to help many people who are here who need it, because it didn’t just happen to her, there are a lot of people here who need it. I want people not to forget her case to help other people that are in here”, said Luciana’s brother.

In a note, Autotrans said that all the company’s assistance was provided, as is normal procedure in these cases. Also according to the company, the driver provided all the necessary clarifications at the time and the CCTV footage did not prove his fault in the accident. The State Department of Health did not respond until this publication.

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