Dengue fills the UPA and light patients should look for posts

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The Municipal Health Department reinforces the orientation that care in the UPA are intended for patients with acute or worsening conditions of a clinical nature, for example: high fever, above 39°C; heart attack and stroke; renal colic; severe diarrhea; fainting; convulsive crises; severe shortness of breath; severe chest pain and constant vomiting.

People with mild and moderate symptoms of dengue (body pain, malaise, fever below 39°C, pain in the back of the eyes, tiredness) should look for family health units, it is not necessary to schedule an appointment in this specific case. In general, USFs are open from 7 am to 5 pm.

Following this flow is very important for each location to provide the best patient care in the shortest possible time.. The demand for the UPA for cases that can be treated at the USFs causes a recurring overcrowding of the unit, which has already been receiving greater demand since the beginning of 2022. Data collected by the unit’s management indicate that the number of medical visits more than doubled from January to April this year (52,594) compared to the same period in 2021 (24,688). There was also an increase in the number of patients under observation: 3,512 more in the same comparative period.

“We are renovating and expanding the UPA, which greatly improves conditions and the capacity to provide assistance to the population. But we are facing a dengue epidemic, not to mention that other health demands have increased in general, as the numbers show. Our effort is daily, and all help and understanding from the community respecting our guidelines is very welcome”, declares the municipal secretary of Health, Ana Carolina Magalhães Caixeta.

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