During speech, Lula criticizes Jair Bolsonaro for “only thinking about weapons” – Baptista Chagas de Almeida

Lula was in Contagem, alongside Mayor Mar

The release of weapons is one of the main banners defended by President Jair Messias Bolsonaro. While public security experts point out that facilitating access to weapons favors violence, the government argues that the measures adopted aim to reduce the bureaucracy of the rules and “adjust the number of weapons, ammunition and reloads to the amount necessary for the exercise of individual rights” .

The fact that Brazil practically doubled in one year the number of registered weapons in the possession of citizens, at the same time that violent deaths grew, despite the greater social isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“President Bolsonaro only talks about carbine, rifle, pistol. And I want to say: this country doesn’t need a weapon, it’s the Armed Forces that have to have a weapon to defend the people and the police to arrest those who want to disturb the lives of the people in their tranquility. This country needs more schools, more hospitals, more books, more culture.” The statements are by former president Luiz Incio Lula da Silva (PT).

And PT made a point of going back a little bit: “What joy I had when a companion from another state came to Minas Gerais by plane, he didn’t want to come by bus anymore. Ah, what joy I had when the rich man said: ‘Ah, this Lula is a disgrace, because the airport has become a bus station, there are a lot of poor people at the airport’”.

Since we mentioned Bolsonaro, it is worth going back in time. The Army celebrates Cavalry Arms Day on May 10, the birth date of Marshal Manuel Luis Osorio, in a fair tribute to a man from a simple family, who would become one of the greatest military leaders in Brazilian history.

Marechal Osorio, son of Manoel Lus and Ana Joaquina Osrio, born in 1808, in the village of Nossa Senhora da Conceio do Arroio, current municipality of Osrio, in Rio Grande do Sul, developed, from an early age, the ability to master the animals that served as mounts.

Wow, what does it have to do with national politics? that the President of the Republic, Jair Messias Bolsonaro (PL), participated in the celebrations of Cavalry Day.

To close, there’s the tweet: “The first kidney stone we don’t forget. Thank you for the expressions of affection. It’s all right now.” The one who published it was the former mayor of So Paulo Fernando Haddad (PT). A pre-candidate for the São Paulo government, he is not on the platform.

The doctor recommended that she rest at home until Sunday, receiving outpatient treatment.

Sergio Moro


After being called by ex-president Lula a “facnora” during an event in Belo Horizonte, the ex-judge and ex-minister Sergio Moro (photo), responsible for the PT’s conviction, responded on social media. “Lula, thug thug,” he wrote. “It goes for those who stole the country, like the people you appointed to Petrobras. I arrested these people. I know you don’t like the police or law enforcement, but you should explain the thievery of monthly allowances and oil during your government,” Moro said.

Car wash

Lula cursed former judge Sergio Moro when he recalled, in a speech, the time he was arrested by Operation Car Wash and sentenced in the triplex case in Guaruj (SP). Subsequently, his conviction was overturned by the Federal Supreme Court, which considered the Justice of Paraná incompetent to judge his case. “I said that, now, those who are ashamed to go out on the streets are the members of the operation. Today, whoever is ashamed to walk on the street is the thug of Moro. Whoever is ashamed to walk down the street is Dallagnol”, said the PT member, in BH. Deltan Dallagnol was the head of the Public Ministry at Lava-Jato, in Curitiba.

time tunnel

The National Congress enacted Constitutional Amendment 121, which restores tax benefits to information and communication technology and semiconductor companies. The enacted amendment resulted from the Proposed Amendment to the Constitution 10/2021, which excludes tax and tax incentives and benefits for these companies from the gradual policy of exemptions. The rapporteur was then Senator Antonio Anastasia. In his opinion, he highlighted that the proposal allows companies located inside and outside the Manaus Free Trade Zone to compete with each other under similar conditions, considering the tax burden and logistical aspects.

back to school

A few days after the launch of the National Policy for the Recovery of Learning, the Minister of Education, Victor Godoy Veiga, who took office three weeks ago, said yesterday that the main challenge to be faced is the deficit in education. “Our main challenges are the recovery of learning. We have a deficit not only due to the pandemic, but we also have the deficiencies of the Brazilian educational system itself.” He said there is still “the huge challenge of getting children back to school”.

Minas and Gerais

Deputy Betinho Pinto Coelho, now a member of the PV, spoke of his identity with the party’s policies such as sustainable development, social justice and inclusiveness, with an emphasis on youth. Betinho emphasizes that this will be an election in which the voter will actively participate: “The reconquest of political credibility comes through the legitimacy and authenticity recognized in the municipal leaders”. Detail: Betinho, son of former governor Alberto Pinto Coelho, who was also state deputy for 16 years and twice president of the Legislative Assembly (ALMG).


Alexandre Kalil

And there’s more of the candidate for governor of Minas Gerais, Alexandre Kalil (photo) (PSD-MG): “I was invited to several events, not only for the PT. But I am now in a period where I want to travel to take my proposal”. He added that he needs to publicize his own campaign.

The MRV Arena, the Clube Atltico Mineiro stadium, is scheduled to be completed this year, and the numbers are impressive. The City Council’s Commission on Human Rights, Racial Equality and Consumer Protection will make a technical visit

to the location.

The congressmen from Belo Horizonte want to see up close and follow closely the construction of the Atltico stadium. The objective of the councilors is to inspect, or rather, to know the changes that it can cause in the daily life of the city.

Not to mention the rout, better wrap it up for today. THE END!

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