Elden Ring sold 13.4 million copies worldwide

Elden Ring made its debut on February 25th, and Bandai Namco sold around 13.4 million copies of the RPG around the world. The information was obtained through the publisher’s latest financial report, referring to the closing of the 2021 fiscal year.

As of March 14, 12 million units of the title have been sold. This means that by the end of the fiscal period — on March 31 — gamers had purchased an additional 1.4 million units.


Elden Ring’s performance in the market has been drawing attention since its debut, mainly due to the fact that it has become FromSoftware’s best release in terms of sales, according to UK analysts. In Japan, the success was repeated and the work was among the best sellers of the month of March.

The RPG’s success made Hidetaka Miyazaki classify it as an inspiration for upcoming projects. With goals like this being achieved, we can wait to hear the studio’s next achievement.

Elden Ring player is tricked by specter when crossing bridge

A player was exploring the Elden Ring Volcano Mansion and was surprised to follow a specter from another player. He ended up stepping on a disused bridge and lost his runes in the lava. Check out!

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