Felipão debuts with a rout and a vacancy

Felipão’s story as coach of Athletico-PR began with a rout and classification. Tonight (10), at Arena da Baixada, the mixed team of Hurricane beat Tocantinópolis by 4-0, in the return game of the third phase of the Copa do Brasil and guaranteed a spot in the round of 16.

The goals of the match were scored by Hugo Moura, Khellven and Pablo (twice).

The classification was underway since the first leg of the tie, when Athletico-PR, still under the command of Fábio Carille, won away from home by 5 to 2. The aggregate score, therefore, was 9 to 2. The opponent of the round of 16 will be defined in a draw to be held by the CBF in the coming days.

Meanwhile, Athletico turns its attention to the Brasileirão. On Saturday (14), at 9 pm, Felipão’s team visits Fluminense, in Maracanã, for the sixth round of the national tournament. On the same day, but at 4 pm, Tocantinópolis faces Moto Club, at home, for Série D.

Felipe, the guy of the night

All the spotlight was on the new coach of Athletico-PR. Even with the classification already forwarded since the start, Felipão guided the athletes and started the challenge in Hurricane with the right foot. He was also hired to be the club’s technical director and doubles roles in 2022. In the presentation interview, the 73-year-old veteran captain indicated that he will remain as the team’s coach until the end of this year.

Who did well: Pablo

After an uneven start, the striker recovered in the match and gave Felipão a good calling card. He scored twice and took the chance in the home side’s rout.

Who was bad: Pedro Rocha

Despite participating in the second goal, he collaborated little in a match considered ideal to regain confidence. She lost balls and went hungry in a few shots.

game chronology

Athletico commanded the game from start to finish. Hugo Moura opened the scoring, in the 26th minute of the first half, with a beautiful finish from outside the area. After remaining in the area, Khellven expanded, at 40. Pablo did one more in the initial stage, at 44.

Pablo scored again in the 9th minute of the second half, when he took advantage of Khellven’s cross and scored with a header.

Atletico PR game

Despite the alternative lineup of Felipão due to the great advantage built in the first leg, Athletico remained from the beginning in the attacking field and piling up chances. The aim was a problem at first, but then the team loosened up and had no trouble coming out with the victory.

Tocantinópolis game

Tocantinópolis only watched Athletico play. Technically inferior and at a huge disadvantage in the qualifiers, the Tocantins team did not have the strength to hold the hosts. The score could have been more elastic, but goalkeeper Jefferson stood out and made beautiful saves in the first half.

Unbelievable, Pablo!

At 3 minutes into the first half, Athletico could have opened the scoring, but Pablo missed an incredible goal inside the small area. Abner Vinícius crossed low to the forward, who pierced the ball with an open goal and free marking.

Pablo’s Redemption, “Sai, Zica” and Homage

The striker redeemed himself and scored twice. The first in a submission from outside the area, at 44 minutes of the first half, and then with a header, at 9 minutes of the final stage. In the celebration of both, he made the gesture to “take the zica”.

“I was looking for that goal. Difficult day for my family, I lost a very dear uncle. Goal for him, for my uncles, my cousins. Happy with the goal, I want to dedicate it to them”, Pablo told SporTV at halftime.

Dedé debuts for Athletico-PR

Like Felipão, the 33-year-old defender also lived his first moments for Athletico and played for the first time. Signed at the end of March, he had already been listed for two games, but until then he had not left the bench.

Matheus Babi returns to acting after ten months

Recovered from a serious knee injury, the Athletico striker participated in just over 20 minutes of the match. He entered the field in place of Pablo, in the 25th minute of the second half.

Tocantinópolis goalkeeper is tied

After the end of the match, a scene caught our attention. Jefferson went to the crowd, received the affection of the Athletico-PR fans, even had a Hurricane cap placed on his head and even won a shirt.

money in the pocket

With the classification to the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil, Athletico guarantees R$ 3 million in prize money.



Competition: Copa do Brasil, return game of the third phase
Stadium: Arena da Baixada, in Curitiba (PR)
Date and time: May 10, 2022, at 21:30 (Brasília time)
Referee: Alexandre Vargas Tavares de Jesus (RJ)
Assistants: Thiago Henrique Neto Correa Farinha (RJ) and Carlos Henrique Alves de Lima Filho (RJ)
Yellow cards: None
goals: Hugo Moura (CAP), at 26 minutes of the first half, Khellven (CAP), at 40 minutes of the first half and Pablo (CAP), at 44 minutes of the first half and at 9 minutes of the second half (CAP)

ATHLETIC: Benedict; Khellven, Pedro Henrique (Dedé), Nico Hernández and Abner Vinícius (Pedrinho); Matheus Fernandes and Hugo Moura (Erick); Pedro Rocha, Marlos (Vitor Bueno) and Cuello; Pablo (Matheus Babi). Technician: Felipe

TOCANTINOPOLIS: Jefferson; Marcinho, Concrete, Wanderson and Chico Bala; Pedro Dias, Rômulo (Bideli) and Raí (Da Silva); Elifran (Dedé), Bambelo (Jheimy) and Alan Maia (Bilau). Technician: Jairo Nascimento

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