Ferreira’s side leaks a scandalous version about the player’s injury!

After the publication of the note by Grêmio, Ferreira’s side is leaking the information that it was the player himself who, on his own, managed to discover the injury.

In summary, the information we received in the Band newsroom is that the club’s doctors never found any injuries. And, in the face of this, the athlete and his trusted doctor made new tests, on their own, and discovered the inguinal hernia that bothered him and limited movements.

With this exam in hand, Ferreira went to the Grêmio Medical Department and showed that he was injured on the spot. In the version that leaks from the athlete’s side, it was only then that the club’s doctors moved to operate on him and find a solution.

I make it very clear that this is one of the leaking versions of the case. It is the story told by the athlete’s side. Grêmio did not confirm or deny anything. They just released an official note. No doctor came for an interview to explain. All we have is the note and behind-the-scenes information.

It is interesting to note that in the official note the club says the following: “Grêmio also communicates the inexistence of such a situation in any of the previous imaging evaluations and/or internal clinical procedures to which the athlete has undergone, with treatment conservative”.

In short, the note tries to remove any responsibility from Grêmio and its physiotherapy treatments.

  • Nobody knows yet how long Ferreira’s downtime is. All we know is about the surgery. Grêmio has not yet provided any information about this.

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