Fisherman is recorded fighting fish with crocodile of almost 4 meters

A fisherman won applause from netizens after being recorded facing a huge crocodile that tried to “steal” a fish from him in a stream. The episode took place in Kakadu, in northern Australia.

Scott Roscarel spent the day on the shores of Chaills Crossing to catch some fish with his family and friends. After a lot of effort and patience, he managed to catch a big one and stopped to celebrate his success. However, the fun was interrupted by the arrival of an unexpected visitor, who came out of the depths of the waters to pull the fish towards him.

Roscarel soon noticed that a crocodile, at least 4 meters long, was approaching to steal his prize. Apparently, he was not intimidated by the presence of the reptile and pulled the fishing rod to try to keep the fish away from the predator, which, in turn, insisted on chasing its prey attached to the hook.

The brief dispute intensified when the Australian nearly slipped between the wet rocks on the riverbank and narrowly missed falling into the water. Even so, he persisted in defending his fish and moved away from the crocodile, moving towards the forest. However, the predator emerged from the waters and began to crawl on land.

In one part of the footage, which made netizens uneasy, Scott Roscarel’s father calmly walked close to the crocodile to pick up the hat his son had dropped while challenging the animal. The man tried to stop him from advancing by lifting a piece of wood. The crocodile was apparently overcome by fatigue and gave up the fish, despite having settled on the riverbank for a few moments, right in front of the fishermen, until finally returning to the water.

In an interview with Australian newspaper NT News, Scott Roscarel reported: “I had to handle it. When the fish reached the edge of the crossing, it jumped and the line got stuck in front of the crossing.” The case took place on April 21, but has only now been published in the press.

He admitted that while the incident sounded emotional, he acted recklessly in putting himself at risk to face the crocodile.

“I had so much adrenaline that I wasn’t thinking straight at the time. But I realized how close the crocodile was and backed off. I broke my rod in the process and caught the fish in time.”

Asked about his father’s courage in protecting him, Roscarel stated: “I told him, ‘What are you doing man? I have 15 (hats) of these at home, I only have one father'”.

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