Former Corinthians praises Du Queiroz and predicts the athlete’s future in Europe

Former Corinthians player, midfielder Elias praised young Du Queiroz, one of the figures in the midfield sector of the current squad. For the former number 7, the fact that the athlete from the base categories of Timão took on responsibilities so quickly is proof of his ability.

“The boy put on the mantle and played against Boca, this is not for everyone. It has adjustments, it will evolve and will soon be in Europe”, wrote Elias in his Instagramanswering a specific question about Du.

The game he mentioned was Timão’s 2-0 victory against Boca Juniors, from Argentina, in April, when Du had a great performance in midfield alongside Maycon. The Argentine team is the second biggest winner of the Copa Libertadores of America, with six titles won.

Du is one of the players who played the most in the year and the only one in the squad who was present in all matches amid the rotation implemented by coach Vítor Pereira, either as a starter or reserve used during the game.

Elias can speak knowingly about the position. He is the third midfielder who scored the most goals with the club’s shirt, adding 41 in his two spells at Corinthians. With him as a starter, Timão was champion of the Brazilian in 2015, of the Paulista and of the Copa do Brasil in 2009, in addition to the 2008 Series B.

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