Government tries to contact leaders to avoid truck drivers’ strike

You truck drivers received with discontent the new increase in the price of diesel at Petrobras refineries, announced last Monday, 9th. According to the president of the Brazilian Association of Motor Vehicle Drivers (Abrava), Wallace Landim, the “Chorão”, the change will increase the prices of products at retail.

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According to him, who was also the leader of the category strike in 2018, the government has made contact with leaders to avoid another outage now. However, the attempt should not yield results without actual action.

“Truck drivers do not have a single leadership, but they have a quick mobilization capacity, so they have the power to exert pressure. The Institutional Security Office has contacts with leaders to prevent it, but to contain it is not just talk, there has to be action as well”, opines the columnist for Estadão, Eliane Cantanhede.

Measures under analysis

The Ministry of Economy is evaluating the adoption of a new model for the price of freight in an attempt to alleviate the pressure on the category. Today, the self-employed truck driver is hired for a certain amount, but, due to increases in fuel prices, he ends up spending much more than he expected when he delivers the goods.

The Executive’s proposal is to guarantee the freight price for the truck driver at the final price, that is, when the goods are delivered. In this way, the professional would be less susceptible to the volatility of fuel prices.

Another possibility is to correct the shipping table more frequently, and not every six months as is currently the case. Also under analysis is the reduction of some bureaucracy, such as registration with the National Land Transport Agency (ANTT), in addition to a cut in costs with registration.

So far, none of the measures have been officially announced. Meanwhile, the government is struggling to find a solution that does not compromise the budget, although there is no more space within the spending ceiling.

Readjustment in diesel

Petrobras has increased the price of diesel sold at its refineries by 8.8% since last Tuesday, 10th. This was the first readjustment in more than 60 days, according to the state-owned company. With the change, the liter is now sold at R$ 4.91 for distributors across the country.

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