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Searches for “pix phone” increased after reports of robberies and access to banking apps

  • The idea is to keep the cell phone at home, where it cannot be stolen;

  • Searches increased after new reports of robberies and access to banking apps;

  • “Pix cell phone” represents the feeling of abandonment that victims have their banks.

After a new series of reports of cell phone thefts and subsequent bank account break-ins have been making their way around the internet in recent days, a new search term has popped up on cellphone makers’ radar: “pix cell phone.”

Alluding to the Central Bank’s instant payment service, the “pix cell phone” would be a secondary cell phone model, with less processing power, which would stay at home, being used only to serve as access to banking applications.

The purchase of this alternative device has been propagated as a security measure to prevent cell phone theft from becoming a major headache in the future, with criminals emptying the victim’s account, in addition to taking out loans in their name.

The trend was noticed by the TechTudo portal, which had contact with the manager of Xiaomi’s Brazilian operation, Luciano Barbosa. According to the executive, the increase in searches for this type of device has already been noticed by the company, but in his view “it is unfair to have to buy another cell phone just to make Pix”.

What Barbosa suggests is to use the security tools already available on the device through the MIUI interface, such as creating a secure environment, where it is possible to require certain applications to require an extra password, or biometric fingerprints, to be accessed.

In the end, the search for a “pix phone” represents nothing more than an abandonment felt by victims of assaults and robberies in the hands of companies that should prevent criminals from accessing their bank accounts. From telephone operators that take time to block the telephone line, to banks that leave atypical movements and clear signs of theft, to cell phone manufacturers, which have not yet found more appropriate solutions for Brazilian cases.

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