Health and flavor: check out how to make acerola juice; a delicious and beneficial drink

Foz do Iguaçu, May 11, 2022, by Igor Queiroz – Have you ever wondered why acerola is such a complete fruit? Therefore, the benefits and, above all, how to make acerola juice are the topics of today in Agro News. Certainly, a powerful combination of nutrients and flavor. So is the acerola. Definitely an indispensable fruit these days.

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The justifications are, notably, ample. Enhanced immunity and resistance, however, draw attention to the properties of acerola. In that north, how about we learn to how to make acerola juice in the right way? However, we will initially explain why acerola is so important for our body.

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benefits of acerola

“Acerola juice how to make it”, would type an anxious person into Google. That is, if the goal is simply to be shallow, just click on any post. However, if the focus is to understand what the nutrients in this fruit are and how they act, the logic changes.

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Bob Marley already stated something interesting. He basically said that the details make the difference. This must, therefore, be our gaze. Whether for the recipe regarding the nutritional potential of acerola juice.

Acerola juice, a true source of vitamins

Never underestimate the importance of vitamin C. Certainly, the antioxidant action is one of the most relevant. However, as stated by Samantha Cerquetani to the UOL website, on May 21, 2021, that’s not all. Vitamin C promotes collagen synthesis, for example. Furthermore, the absorption of iron is facilitated by its action. Now you can understand the orange always present on feijoada day, right?

In addition, vitamin A also marks its presence. Vision, skin, collagen, among other factors, are dependent on its action. It’s a lot condensed into a single fruit.

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Extensive properties in one place

Evidently, several benefits highlight the importance of acerola. The protective function of carotenoids, especially in the skin, is an example. Still, the fight against cancer should also be remembered. In addition, digestive, immune and cardiovascular function are benefited by this nutrient. It truly is a health combo.

how to make acerola juice (Pixabay Reproduction)
How to make acerola juice (Pixabay Reproduction)

How to make acerola juice simply and effectively?

So let’s get to the practical part. A delicious acerola juice a day is certainly synonymous with longevity. Therefore, the following resources and ingredients are required:

  • 500 grams of ripe acerolas;
  • 500 ml of filtered water;
  • Brown sugar;
  • 3 mint leaves (to taste)

Preparation is simple and straightforward. Pay attention, however, to the washing of the fruits. After this step, add them to the blender. Then add cold, filtered water. If you like, add the mint leaves. Beat everything for 1 minute.

Then strain the juice. Take the strained part and return to the blender. Add the brown sugar, preferably, and beat for 2 minutes. Honey is also an option to sweeten. Remember, the goal is health. Then, sweeten as needed.

Finally, add some ice cubes and serve. Realize, thus, how to make acerola juice understanding its benefits makes, in the end, all the difference!

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