Hibiscus tea for menstruation, does it work? See how it works in the menstrual cycle!

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Recife – PE, today, May 11, 2022, by Jorsiley Porfirio. Hibiscus tea has become famous due to its properties in women’s health, many women believe that it can act on the menstrual cycle, causing menstruation to come down faster than normal.

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So, the truth is that hibiscus tea can increase menstrual flow, however it depends on each woman’s body.

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Can you drink this tea while menstruating?

The answer to this question is: yes, you can consume tea while menstruating. Well, it works by helping to fight colic. However, remember that it can increase menstrual flow.

Check out the relationship between hibiscus tea and colic

Menstrual cramps occur during menstruation when there is a release of hormones that cause these cramps. They happen because these hormones cause a contraction in the uterus that decreases the blood supply.

Hibiscus tea is known to have properties that relax the muscles of the bladder and uterus, thus reducing cramping.

Women often look for remedies to get rid of cramps that can have harmful side effects. However, consuming hibiscus tea is different. In other words, you can consume hibiscus tea without harming your health, as it is a natural drink.

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Does this tea cut the effect of the birth control pill?

It does not cut the contraceptive’s effect, but it can reduce its effects, as it can cause the hormones in the pill to be passed out in the urine before they are absorbed. That is, this drink does not cut the effect of the pill, but it can interfere with its action.

Hibiscus tea for menstruation, does it work?  See how it works in the menstrual cycle!  - Source: canvas.
Hibiscus tea for menstruation, does it work? See how it works in the menstrual cycle! – Source: canvas.

But finally does hibiscus tea make your period go down?

As seen above, this drink can act by preventing the absorption of hormones present in the contraceptive and consequently preventing them from being absorbed by the body. As a result, menstruation may come earlier than expected.

However, it does not change the menstrual cycle. It only relieves colic and balances hormones, helping to improve depression, irritability and PMS swelling.

In other words, it acts as a calming agent in the nervous system, providing relaxation in this difficult period for some says Tamara Mazarackinutritionist, in her interview in the article for the portal Earth in 2020.

Relationship of this drink with menopause

Hibiscus tea is completely natural. This tea also has a proven benefit in the treatment of menopause in women. Studies show that low estrogen in the body causes menopause.

So in this case, hibiscus tea has estrogenic effects by promoting phytoestrogens that prevent menopause. Therefore, hibiscus tea is a very effective drink for women suffering from menstrual cramps and menopause.

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