how does the mode with Godzilla and King Kong work

King Kong and Godzilla will be present in Call of Duty: Warzone starting this Wednesday (11). Operation Monarch will run until the 25th of May and while it is active, the island of Caldera will be the scene of quite a battle. To make it clear how the crossover will work, Activision has released more details on the mode.

Instead of escaping the toxic circle, the 60 players – divided into groups of four – who decide to face the challenge will have to flee from the onslaught of the two monsters. While Kong demonstrates agility to jump and crush players, Godzilla takes advantage of his laser beam to attack Caldera’s coast from a distance.

Monarch - Warzone
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To survive the encounter of the titans, players must be aware of the items scattered around the scenario. Monarch dice will be critical to unlocking Kill Series and Loadout Drops. When the team completes the Low Titan Series, it will be able to unleash a powerful attack against one of the beasts.

Call of Duty Warzone - Godzilla
(Source: Activision/PS Blog)

To predict Godzilla and Kong’s attacks, operators will have to keep an eye on the minimap. Whenever a Titan Frenzy alert appears on the Warzone screen, one of the two will move in a predetermined direction. Charges can occur at any time during matches.

It is possible to give orders to monsters in Warzone

Even with the presence of monsters in Caldera, the real struggle is between the players. That way, as they attack Godzilla and Kong, an extremely useful feature called SCREAM will be unlocked. It basically gives you a brief control over the titans’ abilities, very useful for eliminating opponents.

Warzone - SCREAM
(Source: Activision/PS Blog)

That way, it’s up to the operator to use Godzilla’s Heat Ray Breath or Kong’s ground punches and stone throw. Obviously, they cannot receive many commands simultaneously. Therefore, whoever is best positioned to trigger SCREAM will have an advantage over the others.

Godzilla and Kong also inspired skins in Warzone, you can click here to see them!

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