I had Covid, but I’m still tired all day. How can I improve?

Prolonged Covid can be defined by symptoms persisting for more than three months after acute infection with the Coronavirus. One of the most common of prolonged Covid is fatigue. Unlike normal tiredness, which passes after a good rest, the feeling is persistent and can last for several months.

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In post-covid syndrome the most common symptoms are: cough, tiredness, fatigue, difficulty thinking and shortness of breath. For the coordinator of the post-covid outpatient clinic at Bradesco Saúde at Hospital Marcelino Champagnat Larissa Hermann, it is important to have a medical evaluation of these patients to verify that these symptoms are not caused by other diseases.

She also recommends that a specialist check that post-covid symptoms are not caused by other diseases that emerged after Covid.

“The signs that may call attention to a more urgent medical evaluation is that these symptoms are getting worse rather than better, when the symptoms become more limiting, in which he is unable to do activities that he used to do with ease,” he says.

What can I do to improve this tiredness?

According to Larissa, post-covid syndrome should be thought of as a “major event” that occurred in the body after Covid-19. “Event that ended up leaving a subject, glass everywhere, that mess. It takes time to organize.”

The doctor advises that those who are post-covid fatigue take care of hydration and undergo a medical evaluation. In addition, physical activities should be done calmly.

“Staying completely still is not good, but it should come back slowly,” he says.

Other important advice is to take care of sleep and maintain a good diet (rich in vegetables, fruits and vegetables). Patients should also not use medicines without scientific evidence.

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