Improves health status of driver who crashed with truck at Gate of Hell in MT – Só Notícias

The health status of driver Daniel Francisco Sales, 64, who was saved by a miracle on the 4th, when the Mercedes-Benz he was driving crashed into at Portão do Inferno, on the Chapada dos Guimarães-Cuiabá highway. He remains in the ICU at the municipal hospital in Cuiabá because he continues with bleeding in one leg.

The medical team assesses the need for a second surgery. His health condition continues to evolve, according to Gazeta Digital, and there is no forecast of leaving the ICU and going to his room.

Daniel crashed with the truck from a height of approximately 80 meters, which would have had problems with the brakes when going down the highway. He hit the wall, the speed decreased, but the truck still crossed the highway, fell and was completely destroyed.

Rescued by firefighters, SAMU and Ciopaer teams for about 4 hours, he was removed from the scene, by PM helicopter, and taken to the hospital.

Daniel lives in Várzea Grande and used to travel around the place weekly carrying gallons of water from a company in the mineral water sector. He was following Cuiabá when the accident occurred.

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