iPhone 4S owners will receive $20 million from Apple

The laws that govern the world of technology are still new and require study by experts. Many cases remain in court, being analyzed to find out to what extent a technology company can be held responsible for products and services. At this point, Apple was surprised by a judgment that obliges it to pay $20 million in damages.

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Apple has to indemnify iPhone 4S owners

A class action filed in the United States of America (USA) was recently won against the Apple company. Consumers who owned the iPhone 4S claimed losses after updating the operating system to iOS 9. At the time, the devices presented slowness and other problems that compromised the usability of smartphones.

Launched in 2011, the iPhone 4S was one of the best devices at the time, with iOS 5. The last system update supported by the device was precisely iOS 9, in 2015. At the time, the owners of the model reported the problems and decided to sue Apple.

After a long analysis of the facts, the Justice determined the compensation of the consumers. The total indemnity fine reaches around US$ 20 million, something close to R$ 100 million, if it were in Brazil.

US consumers will be entitled to compensation from Apple

It is worth noting that only consumers who participated in the action in the US will be entitled to receive reparations. Although the value is high in the overall sum, the truth is that individual money is not high as significantly. Each consumer should receive an average amount of US$ 15, that is, almost R$ 75 today.

Soon, Apple will make the site available for injured consumers to fill in their data and those of the iPhone 4S cell phone in question. From there, the multinational must start paying each of the claims filed. For now, it is still necessary to wait for the legal procedures to be completed.

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