Man rescued at sea accused of killing mother to get insurance

Nathan Carman and mother Linda Carman

Nathan Carman and mother Linda Carman

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Nathan Carmam, 28, who was found floating on a raft off the Atlantic coast in the US in 2016, is being accused of his murder. The crime would have happened on the high seas after the boat they were on sank.

The man was also arrested on charges of being responsible for his grandfather’s death three years earlier. The motivation for the crimes was to keep the family’s money and assets.

According to the complaint, Carman would have shot his grandfather John Chakalos at his home in Windsur. His mother, Linda Carman, died after he sank the boat they were both traveling on to fish in the state of Rhode Island. Eight days after the murder, the boy was rescued by a ship about 100 miles off the coast of Massachusetts.

At the time, the American claimed that his boat sank and that he could not find his mother. In 2019, the insurer refused to pay the insurance amount, valued at thousands of dollars, after proving that there had been inadequate repairs to the boat.

The young man had already been investigated for the death of his grandfather in 2013 although he was never charged and this alleged crime is also not among the charges announced today.

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