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Minecraft for Android phones appeared for free for a few hours on the Google Play Store during the early hours of Tuesday (10). During the period, some users were able to download the game for free, which usually costs R$ 37.99 on the Google store. Apparently, the “promotion” happened by mistake, since in a few hours the game went back to its previous price. THE TechTudo contacted Google to understand why Minecraft was free in the last morning, but there was no response until the end of this article.

Shortly after the free version left the store, users commented in surprise about the supposed “promotion” and the subject soon became a meme on the Internet. Many netizens made fun of iPhone (iOS) users, as the game was not free on the App Store.

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According to users, Minecraft was free on Android for a short time and some users managed to get the game for free — Photo: Disclosure / Mojang Studios

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Minecraft for free on the Play Store: understand the case

According to the account of a user on the social network Reddit, more precisely on the “googleplaydeals” subforum, which follows store promotions, Minecraft would have been free in Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia and New Zealand for a brief period. During this time, the game’s store page indicated that the supposed promotion would last two days. However, the game was offered by surprise and soon returned to its original price, which indicates that the offer was due to an error. Users who downloaded the game during the free hours are able to use it normally.

Minecraft is a survival adventure game that challenges players to survive in a hostile world filled with monsters that appear at night. To fight them, users can create weapons and armor, but also change the world around them using buildings to protect themselves. The game is available with crossplay multiplayer on Android, iPhone (iOS), PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and Windows 10 PCs, as well as offline versions.

Minecraft for free generates memes on the Internet:

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