Modern Warfare is free to play on Xbox

Good news for anyone who wants to play a Call of Duty campaign, but doesn’t want to spend their hard-earned money on the game. Several players are reporting online that the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare campaign is free on Xbox.

Apparently this is a bug and not a promotion, so redeem the game at your own risk. If you have a secondary account and don’t want to risk it, I recommend using it. To rescue it is simple, here we go:

First you must Call of Duty: Warzone on your Xbox console, after downloading Warzone, open it normally and go to the main game screen, where you choose which Call of Duty you want to play, on this screen you must go to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and select campaign mode.

After putting it to download, you must press the home button on your controller and go to Modern Warfare, select start > select manage games and add-ons. It will open a new screen, just select Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and go to manage installation and look for the ready to install option and that’s it!

Warning again that this looks like a bug, so do it at your own risk, it is recommended to use a secondary account to avoid any headaches.

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