More dividends? Taurus (TASA4) increases 186% in profit in 1Q22, to R$ 195 million; see what the company says – Money Times

Taurus Armas 1Q22
Taurus (TASA4) profit is up 186% (Image: YouTube/Taurus Armas Official)

THE taurus (TASA4) released its 1Q22 operating results this Tuesday (10), reporting a net profit of R$ 195 million. Compared to 1Q21, the value grew 186.3%.

THE Net Revenue also improved, expanding 22.8% and reaching R$ 676.6 million. THE EBITDA adjusted increased 37.6% and reached R$ 242.6 million, at the margin of 35.9%.

In a letter to shareholders, the company attributed the good performance in the quarter to its “operational efficiency and solidity” and to the effort to expand the range of products offered.

“We continue with the strategy of product launches in segments in which Taurus is not yet present and, therefore, without competing with current products, with diversification and expansion of the added value of the product mix”, he said.

The company says it expects a slowdown in the arms market in 2022, due to its seasonal nature, but says it is prepared to mitigate impacts.

“After consecutive quarters with sales exceeding production, we have reinforced our investment in marketing efforts in the US as part of our 2022 strategy. To coordinate these activities, we have hired a new Vice President of Sales and a new Marketing Director at the unit. North America,” he explained.


Taurus distributed 100% of its 2021 adjusted net income to its shareholders, an amount of around R$194 million, at R$1.62 per share. In the 1Q22 press release, the company left expectations.

“With the Company’s structure fully adjusted and the consolidation of good operational and financial indicators, we aim to continue remunerating shareholders”, he said.

See the document:

Check here the full calendar of balance sheet disclosures.

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