Number of layoffs by choice of the worker hit a record in Rio Preto

In March, requests for voluntary resignation in Rio Preto reached record numbers for a single month. According to data from the General Register of Employed and Unemployed (Caged), 2,586 layoffs were formalized at the request of the worker. The volume of workers who opt for dismissal has shown an upward movement since the second half of last year – even in a scenario still marked by the high unemployment rate.

The March numbers are the highest since January 2020, the beginning of the new historical series of Caged, carried out with another vacancy methodology. In October last year – a record until then – there were 2,423 voluntary dismissals. In the accumulated result for this year, 7,236 employment contracts have been terminated due to dismissal requests. This number represents 37.7% of the 19,180 formal jobs closed in the period.

The 2022 cut is similar to the percentage recorded last year. According to the Caged survey, from January to December 2021, Rio Preto recorded 64,207 dismissals of registered workers. More than a third of this volume came from resignations (24,186), which represents the same 37%. In 2020, of the 57,065 dismissals registered in Rio Preto, 16,814 came from the employee himself (29%).

According to human resources specialist Ellen Leandra Anholeto, director of Action RH, this market movement has different explanations, but in a way they are all related to the pandemic. “The search for greater flexibility is one of the reasons that leads professionals to change jobs. Today, hybrid or remote work is a reality and many workers who had to return to the office are looking for opportunities in the market that offer this alternative”, she explains.

The specialist also explains that during the pandemic, the search for replacement made many professionals accept positions for which they had no affinity. “But with the recent heating up of the market, many opportunities are emerging and professionals are looking for positions that are more related to their training. Vacancies appear every day, but there is a lack of candidates”.

According to economist Hipólito Martins Filho, the global health crisis has contributed to people changing their priorities in relation to work, giving more importance to companies that offer more satisfactory working conditions and social well-being. “Today, the professional is not just after the salary. People are looking for companies that offer flexible hours and are linked to sustainability.”

The expert notes that the wave of layoffs is a worldwide movement, which occurs more strongly in other countries, such as the United States. “In Brazil, things are a little more difficult, so the movement is even smaller. But this is a trend. The younger generations will not accept certain impositions in the labor market”.

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Brazil has a record of layoffs

The increase in resignations in Rio Preto follows a national trend. According to a survey carried out by LCA Consultores based on data from Caged, in March, one out of every three job losses was at the request of the worker himself.

There were 1,816,882 terminations in the period. Of this total, 603,136 were volunteers, equivalent to 33.2% of the total. In February, there were 560,272 voluntary dismissals, which is equivalent to 33.2% of a total of 1,684,636 dismissals.

In the United States, the number of voluntary layoffs has also hit a record in recent months. A survey by the recruitment company Robert Half, carried out in November last year, revealed that almost half of the interviewed professionals over 25 years old intended to look for a new job in 2022. seeking a better salary, 19% had a desire to learn something new and 12% expected to improve their quality of life. (With Brazil Agency)

Professional achievement

The search for professional fulfillment and the possibility of working with more flexible hours were factors that motivated psychologist Fabiana Alves de Oliveira Souza, 29, to resign from the company where she worked as a Human Resources supervisor. It has been six and a half years since she joined the company as an intern until she took up the management position.

The professional left work with a formal contract during the pandemic to dedicate herself fully to clinical care autonomously. The decision was taken after the beginning of social isolation, when many workers had a reduction in their working hours and, consequently, in their salary. “I already attended appointments on Saturdays and took advantage of the free time to dedicate myself more”.

During this period, he also dedicated himself to providing voluntary services. Over time, the number of patients began to grow until a moment came when it was no longer possible to manage the double shift. “I saw that the clinic had potential and I started to structure the change, I did the financial survey and concluded that it was possible to pay all the bills”.

Fabiana completed her resignation in December 2020, and in the following month she began to work fully as a clinical psychologist. “It was the best thing I did, in addition to the advantages of working with more flexible hours at the clinic, it’s the place where I feel I’m contributing the most to people”. (FN)

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