one-third of consumers have five or more credit cards

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According to a study by Serasa, 29% of Brazilian consumers have five or more credit cards, with this percentage corresponding to one third of the group.

Serasa interviewed 3,700 customers who had a credit card approved by eCred in the last 90 days. Among them, 23% have three credit cards, 21% have two, while 18% has got four. In this way, the minority that has only one card, represented by 9%.

In the survey, Serasa discovered the types of credit card purchases that people prioritize most. Therefore, the division was between:

  • Food (17%);
  • Supermarkets (17%);
  • Pharmacy (15%);
  • Household appliances (14%).

The least important ones in the eyes of consumers are:

  • Furniture and travel (10%);
  • Ticket payments.

Is it advisable to have multiple credit cards?

Serasa’s eCred manager, Amanda Rapouzo, told Valor Investe that there is no right number or limit of credit cards to have. For her, the most important thing is why a person has more than one card, whether it will be beneficial for financial management or not.

However, for those who receive their salary divided into twice a month, for example, it may be interesting to have cards with different maturities to accompany the receipt of remuneration. However, always with the awareness that it is necessary to have self-control.

“Having more than one card can be risky for the pocket if it is not used in a controlled and organized way”, warns Amanda.

In addition, Serasa’s credit marketplace manager advises consumers to understand the benefit and cost of each card and whether they will be able to pay all bills on time.

“It is important that the person has control of their finances, no matter if it is through a notebook sheet, cell phone notebook, Excel spreadsheet or even an application of the card itself”, he indicates.

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Image: tommaso79 /

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