Performances: Dedé debuts for Athletico against Tocantinópolis, and Matheus Babi returns after 289 days | athletico-pr

Atletico thrashed the Tocantinópolis 4-0 this Tuesday, at Arena da Baixada, and advanced to the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil. Hugo Moura, Khellven and Pablo (twice) scored goals for Fruacão.

In addition to the classification, with the debut of coach Felipão, the game was marked by two events: defender’s first game Dede and the return of the attacker Matheus Babi.

Dede: related again, the 33-year-old defender has finally made his debut. Announced at the end of March, he hasn’t played since March 5 and has improved his physical form during that time. The player entered the break in the place of Pedro Henrique and had little work. In the end, he still almost scored a goal, which goalkeeper Jefferson reached out to palm. Note: 6.5

– Too important to play. Thank everyone who works at Atheltico, especially the president and Alexandre Mattos. I couldn’t believe it when I received this invitation to be here. Every time I enter the club it is a great happiness. An honor to wear the shirt and feel this crowd. It may not seem like much, but whoever sees a great battle, I got emotional and I’m here to help-he said at the end of the match.

Matheus Babi: after 289 days out, Matheus Babi was listed and entered the second stage in place of Pablo. On the field, he didn’t have any chance and still shows that he needs some time to recover his rhythm. Babi suffered a knee injury in July 2021 and missed 56 first-team games. For the Hurricane, the forward has four goals and one assist in 24 games. Note: 5.5

Matheus Babi, in the match Athletico x Tocantinópolis — Photo: Fabio Wosniak/Athletico

  • bento [GOL]: 6.0
  • Khelven [LAD]: 8.0
  • Pedro Henrique [ZAG]: 6.0
  • (Dede [ZAG]: 6.5)
  • Nico Nernández [ZAG]: 6.0
  • Abner [LAE]: 6.0
  • (Pedro [LAE]: 6.0)
  • Hugo Moura [VOL]: 7.0
  • (Erick [VOL]: 6.0)
  • Matheus Fernandes [VOL]: 6.5
  • marlos [MEC]: 7.5
  • (Vitor Bueno [MEC]: 6.0)
  • Pedro Rocha [ATA]: 7.0
  • Cuello [ATA]: 7.5
  • Pablo [ATA]: 7.5
  • (Matheus Babi [ATA]: 5.5)

THE athletic return to the field against Fluminense on Saturday, at 9 pm, at Raulino de Oliveira, for the sixth round of the Brasileirão.

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