Player from Barueri – SP wins R$ 1.5 million with Quina 5848 result

a player of Barueri – SP won BRL 1.5 million with result of Quina 5848. According to the details of Cash Lotteries, he pocketed the jackpot on his own, without making a jackpot, like the previous prize in this lottery. The premium paid was the same amount as the estimate of the lottoeasy. However, only one winner took possession of the money from the 5 numbers. Also, see more findings from lottery team of Prime Diary.

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The winning bet from Barueri – SP was made at the JD Silveira lottery unit. In addition, the player has opted for the minimum bet. Therefore, by paying just R$2.00, his life changed overnight, as he won a total of R$1,578,386.18 just by getting the result right. Corner 5848 Next: 04 – 22 – 35 – 40 – 54.

In addition, his simple game did not use stubbornness, but it is not known if it came from a little surprise or if it was the lucky numbers of the lucky person, who, in the end, had his lucky day confirmed on Monday (09).

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Other awards from Quina 5848 result

Player from Barueri - SP wins R$ 1.5 million with Quina 5848 result
Player from Barueri – SP wins R$ 1.5 million with Quina 5848 result/Source: Diário Prime

In addition to the player from Barueri – SP, other players also pocketed prizes with the result of Quina 5848. According to the apportionment, another 69 players hit the court for this lottery. Therefore, they can withdraw just over five thousand reais, except for those who bet with more numbers.

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Thus, the bets of Serra – ES; Caruaru – PE; São José dos Pinhais – PR; and Rio de Janeiro – RJ that were made with 6 numbers, can withdraw around R$ 10 thousand. In the meantime, a player from Tubarão – SC chose 8 numbers, therefore, he will have R$ 20 thousand. In addition, yet another player from Xanxerê – SC scored 7 numbers and will win R$ 15 thousand.

Bets made through pool at Quina 5848 will have to divide the prize of the court between the number of shareholders present in the game. So this represents the Barreiras – BA bet, who bet with 5 numbers with 5 odds. In addition, it also fits the bet of Serra – ES, which played with 6 numbers with 16 odds.

Furthermore, another bet from Belo Horizonte – MG chose 5 numbers in 4 odds, while 5 players from Carmo do Cajuru, also in Minas Gerais, bet 5 tens. In the meantime, the game of São José dos Pinhais – PR played its 6 numbers with a pool of 8 quotas. Likewise, another 20 shareholders bet with 8 tens in Tubarão – SC. Finally, 5 players from Suzano – SP played the minimum bet.

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