Porto Seguro has the most expensive liter of diesel in Brazil in the month of May, says ANP

The National Petroleum Agency (ANP) announced this week that the most expensive liter of diesel in Brazil, based on statistics for the month of May, was registered in the city of Porto Seguro, in the extreme south of Bahia. The value is even higher than gasoline. A report by TV Bahia recorded on Monday (9) that diesel was R$7.80 and gasoline was sold for R$7.69.

According to information released by the website G1 Bahia, in total, there were eight readjustments in the year: three in January, one in February, two in March, a reduction on April 2 and another increase on April 29.

The Inter-union Department of Statistics and Socioeconomic Studies (DIEESE) reported that the accumulated increase is 58% in diesel in Bahia.

Who determines the price?

The price of fuel in the state is determined by Acelen, the company that acquired the Mataripe Refinery from Petrobras and is responsible for 90% of the market in Bahia. Therefore, the adjustment announced at Petrobras for this week should not influence the values ​​sold in the state.

Through a note, Acelen informed that fuel prices follow international criteria and are determined by variables such as freight and dollar value.

Economist Guilherme Dietze explains that the rise in diesel will be felt directly in the purchasing power of consumers.

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