Products get discounts of up to 80% in auctions; Check the items

Nowadays, it is common to buy items with discounts using the traditional auctions. The practice allows the acquisition of products with lower prices compared to market values.

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Currently, the Regional Labor Court 2nd Region, in partnership with Fidalgo Leilões, carries out an auction of several items with advantageous discounts. In case of Light vehicles and trucks, for example, the reduction can reach 70%. Depending on the item requested, some bids start at R$2,000.

It is also possible to find equipment from the technology sector, such as computer accessories, and for offices, such as desks and furniture. In this case, the discounts applied reach 80% on the products. It all depends on the auctioneer.

How to bid and participate in auctions?

Individuals and legal entities can participate in the auction, which takes place over the internet. To place bids, the interested party must register on the Fidalgo Leilões website, in addition to forwarding the documents required by the public notice. The amount collected will be used to pay employees’ labor debts.

In addition to vehicles and IT products, buyers can also find around 160 properties for sale, with discounts of up to 60%. They are located in different parts of Greater São Paulo, ABC and the coast.

Another that currently holds real estate auctions is Banco Fibra, which includes assets in a greater number of states, such as Bahia, Rio Grande do Sul, Goiás, Sergipe, Minas Gerais and Pernambuco.

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