professionals count challenges in the worst phase of Covid

The Covid-19 pandemic affected the whole world and brought a range of changes in the Brazilian routine: the impossibility of moving around, changes in the way of working, learning and teaching, totally new impositions such as the use of a mask and social distancing. After two years of fighting the virus, “no one came out unscathed”.

However, the hardest part of the fight was left to doctors, nurses and other workers in the area. On Nurse’s Day, this May 12, professionals who work at MedSênior Hospital tell lessons and learning they acquired in the fight against coronavirus.

When professional pain mixes with personal

Working in the intensive care unit (ICU) for the elderly, it would be a challenge to deal with difficulties, sadness and everyday challenges and, in some cases, the farewell to life. However, the situation became even more dramatic for nurse Rachel Eça de Souza, 33, who saw the pain of losing a patient mixed with personal pain.

“In the case of Covid-19, we were taking care of the public most vulnerable to the disease. We work tirelessly to keep patients alive.” Rachel narrates that a lady had Covid and, after being cured, she needed to be treated for heart problems caused by the disease.

“She had already been hospitalized during her illness and the family was very attentive and we created very strong bonds. Unfortunately, she died,” she recalls. The nurse accompanied the team that went to break the news to the family and, when she entered the room, she came across a friend, the patient’s granddaughter.

“I saw myself in her place. I live with my parents and my grandmother, who used to live with us. She died with the same problem as this patient. Then all of a sudden I saw my friend losing her grandmother, knowing exactly what she was feeling. It was a shift that broke my heart. I lived through her grief and that of the whole family”, recalls the professional.

The importance of listening for patient recovery

For nurse Leandro de Oliveira Silva, 31, what remains of the fight against Covid-19 is the importance of listening for the full recovery of the patient. As the professional explains, in addition to the technical part, such as helping the patient to go to the bathroom or in routine procedures, it is necessary to humanize them.

“I am very grateful to be able to listen to patients and take advantage of this life experience to evolve as a human being. At the entrance to the emergency room, for example, during triage, I have already assisted elderly people who became calmer and had improvements in symptoms related or aggravated by anxiety for the simple fact of having been welcomed on arrival at the hospital”, argues Leandro.

man in white clothes
Leandro highlights the importance of listening for the full recovery of the patient

Other diseases don’t wait for the pandemic to end

As a nurse dedicated to the care of cancer patients, Grazielle Pereira Meira Bosato, 40, could not respect social isolation, because the cancer that affected patients did not wait either. The professional had to deal daily with the fear of patients, who, despite already facing a complicated disease, were also worried about the coronavirus.

“Facing together with the patient and the family the anguish, fear and pain, and trying to be a seed of hope and a careful look makes even the worst pain, which is the loss of a patient, comfort us because we did the best”, says Grazielle.



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