Research that evaluates the effectiveness of vaccines against Covid recruits volunteers in Minas Gerais | Minas Gerais

Health professionals are being recruited by the Hospital das Clínicas, belonging to the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), for a national research on the effectiveness of vaccines against Covid-19.

The study, called SevaCov-Pro, is in its phase 4. It tests how immunizers are working in the daily life of volunteers. Safety (development of adverse vaccine reaction), effectiveness (existence of diagnosis of post-vaccination disease and severity), immunogenicity (immune response) and genomic surveillance (monitoring of novel coronavirus variants) are observed.

“The study will verify not only the history of the disease among the volunteers, but also the implications of covid-19 in these people, as well as reports of adverse effects after vaccination, as well as the dosage of antibodies against the virus, whether induced by the vaccine. vaccine or the disease itself”, said the coordinator of the study at the Hospital das Clínicas of UFMG, professor Fabiana Maria Kakehasi.

The project is financed by the Ministry of Health and should receive, until the end of the study, R$ 13 million.

To participate in the survey, health professionals must register by June 30 here. Volunteers will receive an allowance of R$20.

They must have taken the first dose of Coronavac or Astrazeneca and cannot have participated in any other vaccine clinical trials. The immunizers were chosen by the research coordinating center.

Volunteers must fill out a consent form, will be interviewed by the team of researchers and will have blood samples collected to measure antibodies against the coronavirus.

In addition to the Hospital das Clínicas in Belo Horizonte, the University Hospital of Brasília (HUB-UnB), the University Hospital of the Federal University of Sergipe (HU-UFS), the Teaching Hospital of the Federal University of Pelotas (HU-UFPel), the Maria Aparecida Pedrossian University Hospital (Humap-UFMS), Antônio Cassiano Moraes University Hospital (Hucam-Ufes), the Hospital Complex of the State University of Rio de Janeiro (Hupe and PPC) and the National Institute of Cardiology (INC) also participate of the study.

Recruitment began in September 2021 and has already reached 3,500 people across Brazil.

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