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After renewing Luciano and Diego Costa’s contracts, São Paulo is still looking to extend Igor Gomes’ contract. The midfielder has been one of the main players of the season and renewal is one of the priorities, as his contract runs until March 31, 2023.

Even with the need to make a more lasting agreement – he will be able to sign a pre-contract with any club six months before the end of the current contract -, Tricolor preaches caution in conversations. On the other hand, he bets on changing the midfielder’s agents to advance.

Previously linked to TFM Agency, the player started to have his career taken care of by Giuliano Bertolucci. Change can make renewal easier. That’s because Bertolucci has a good relationship with the current São Paulo board and great influence in the world of the ball.

Igor Gomes in Jorge Wilstermann vs São Paulo — Photo: Conmebol / publicity

In an interview with ge last week, the president of São Paulo, Julio Casares, said that the negotiation with Igor Gomes could still take some time, but that there was optimism in a positive outcome. There has not yet been an agreement regarding the financial adjustments for the contract renewal.

The extension of Igor Gomes’ bond is important for São Paulo’s claims in terms of debt balance. The boy is seen as one of the most promising players who have risen in recent years from the youth ranks and can earn the club good money.

Remember!  Casares talks about the contract renewal of Luciano, Diego Costa and Igor Gomes at Central do ge

Remember! Casares talks about the contract renewal of Luciano, Diego Costa and Igor Gomes at Central do ge

Earlier this year he received polls from clubs in Europe and Botafogo, which he signed with a proposal of R$20 million. São Paulo believes it has a higher market value.

Ceni’s absolute starter in the season, Igor Gomes is one of the players who performed the most in 2022. With the coach, the midfielder has been more participative, including in the marking, and has gained prominence game after game.

This Thursday, at 19:30, against Juventude, for the return game of the third phase of the Copa do Brasil, he should be among the holders again.

Remember the beautiful assist by Igor Gomes for Luciano's goal against Fortaleza

Remember the beautiful assist by Igor Gomes for Luciano’s goal against Fortaleza

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