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About investing in CSN Mineração, Galdi says that today’s drop opens a great buying window (Image: Reproduction / CSN Mineração website)

The actions of CSN Mining (CMIN3) had the biggest drop in the Ibovespa (IBOV) this Tuesday (10). The asset fell 7.16% and ended the day quoted at R$ 4.28.

According to the analyst Mirae AssetPedro Galdi, today’s fall takes place in the midst of fall of 7% of iron ore in Chinataking to commodity to the lowest level in almost two months.

“The reason for all this panic is the lockdown in China, which reduces demand for raw materials, even the automotive sector can be impacted by the chip crisis”, explains the analyst.

About investing in CSN Mineração, Galdi says that today’s fall opens a great buying window for investors who want to invest in the medium and long term.

“In the short term, the sector may suffer because of the closure of the economy, but as soon as the restrictive measures end in China, the country will grow like a rocket, pulling the shares of the mining sector”, explains the expert.

While CSN Mineração falls, Natura jumps

The actions of nature (NTCO3) had the third biggest rise of the Ibovespa this Tuesday. The shares jumped 8.73% and ended the day at R$ 16.57.

For Galdi, the rise happened after the company held the Natura Day, where company executives calmed the market after a result that was not very encouraging.

“Today we also had some technical adjustments with the famous bargain hunter and with that active it went up”, comments the analyst, who preferred not to comment on a possible recommendation as he did with CSN Mineração.

See the biggest hikes of the day:

Company ticker Variation
Inter Bank BIDI11 +9.14%
nature NTCO3 +8.73%
petz PETZ3 +7.29%
CVC CVCB3 +5.69%
caterpillars ALPA4 +5.16%

See the biggest drops of the day:

Company ticker Variation
CSN Mining CMIN3 −7.16%
Usiminas USIM5 −6.78%
CSN CSNA3 −5.82%
Gerdau Metalúrgica GOAU4 −5.44%
Gerdau GGBR4 −4.36%

See the most traded stocks of the day:

Company ticker Variation
OK VALE3 −1.24%
Petrobras PETR4 +0.87%
Bradesco BBDC4 +0.98%
Itau ITUB4 −0.51%
Gerdau GGBR4 −4.36%

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