Sony explains why they don’t have AAAs on day one

PS Plus was a hot topic at Sony’s latest earnings call. The Japanese giant was asked about exclusive titles not arriving on launch day for the company’s new subscription service. The publisher explained the reason for the decision: maintaining their quality.

According to Hiroki Totoki, Sony’s chief financial officer, approaching a strategy of providing first-party works as soon as they debut within PS Plus would not be good for maintaining the high level of PlayStation Studios productions. For him, the quality would drop, because the investment in them would also decrease.

The PS5’s AAA games, if we distribute them on the subscription service, would reduce the investment needed for them. This would deteriorate the quality of the titles, something that concerns us. So we want to make sure that we spend the appropriate development costs so that products and games are introduced in the right way.

PS Plus

This concern from Totoki matches what was said by Jim Ryan, head of SIE, in March:

With the level of investment we need to create in our studios, it wouldn’t be possible, so the negative effect this would have on the quality of our games is something gamers don’t want to see.

Sony has high expectations for the new PS Plus

The PS Plus revamp is cause for optimism for Totoki. According to the CFO, the recent drops do not worry the Japanese giant, which believes in the success of the company’s new subscription service. Check out!

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